5 Reasons Why FOREO UFO 2 is Every Travellers Must-Have

Discover why FOREO UFO 2 is a must-have for travelers. Explore the top 5 reasons that make it the perfect companion for your journeys.

With more and more people travelling abroad this summer to escape the Middle East heat, it’s important to keep in mind how hazardous travelling can be on your skin. From dry airplane cabins and drastic temperature changes to jet-lag, Swedish skincare brand FOREO is here to help. Your ultimate travel companion UFO 2 - the full facial treatment, can prevent the skin-damaging effects of traveling. The revolutionary device is quick and easy to use, leaving you with an instantly nourished, healthy glow whether before, after or even during your flight. Here are 5 reasons why UFO 2 is every travellers must-have:


Keep Your Skin Hydrated Above The Clouds

When you’re 30,000 feet above the ground, it’s not always smooth sailing for your skin. Beat the dry airplane cabins by masking with UFO 2 and improve your skin’s moisture levels by 126% after only 90 seconds lasting you for up to 6 hours. FOREO offers over ten different smart-masks with active ingredients that can be used with the UFO 2 to hydrate and treat your skin.


Quick & Easy LED Therapy

UFO 2 provides LED light therapy which features 8 different wavelengths, each equally impressive in their performance. The smart device acts as an on-the-go spa combining thermotherapy, cryotherapy and the famous FOREO T-sonic pulsations to deliver professional-level results in only two minutes. In-flight entertainment for your skin.


Let UFO 2 Be the Pilot of Your Skin

When you're up in the sky, your skin can easily become dry in flight and will likely counteract that dryness with extreme oil production, causing acne. UFO 2 combats in-flight dryness by delivering nutrients and oxygen to every cell so your skin stays protected against germy airplane cabins. The Blue LED light feature on UFO 2 is anti-bacterial, so you can sit back and let UFO 2 take command; all you need to worry about is which in-flight movie to watch!


Extra Luggage Space

Save some space in your luggage - no need for a pesky charger or confusing outlet converters. FOREO products are built with extraordinarily long battery life, including UFO 2, so no charger is necessary in your luggage. UFO 2 is one of the most sought-after products among travelers today.


Be Travel-Selfie Ready

A great selfie starts with radiant skin. FOREO is infamous for the smartest skincare tools that actually work - so you don’t have to! Next time you book your flight, make sure UFO 2 is packed snug in your carry-on and unwind and relax as the travel-friendly device delivers you youthful glowing skin.


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