A Delicate Craft by LINDBERG

Allow yourself the experience of uncompromising eyewear. Choosing a pair of glasses embellished with delicate acetate inlays conveys personality and a keen eye for details.
Courtesy of LINDBERG

LINDBERG’s extensive modular system offers an opportunity for extreme personalisation, enabling you to underline a strong sense of self with comfortable and ultra-lightweight titanium glasses, just as unique as you.

By laser cutting titanium and milling acetate to perfection, the premium eyewear brand LINDBERG creates glasses with award-winning precision. A flawless fit and tension makes it possible to mount delicate acetate components without any use of screws, or other mechanical mounting techniques. Each frame is carefully quality checked and assembled by hand. This feat of clever engineering eliminates the feel and look of bulky material and achieves maximum visual effect with an absolute minimum of material.

The result is a slim and understated design that still highlights personality through a play on colours, tactility, and transparency. With LINDBERG’s renowned modular system you can personalise each frame to your specific wishes and facial features. It is an opportunity for you to play with expressions in a delicate way.

Images: Courtesy of LINDBERG

Bring extra attention to the brow area with LINDBERG’s new 9857 model. It has subtle acetate slivers attentively placed on the brow bone, giving a bold but elevated look.

Courtesy of LINDBERG

The 9860 lifts and intrigues with small wings of acetate carefully placed at the corners of the lenses attracting attention towards LINDBERG’s world-renowned patented screwless hinges.

Courtesy of LINDBERG

Finally, a delicate play on layers is achieved with the 9763 model. The razor thin titanium front adorned with the extra dimension of acetate creates an expressive look.

All frames are available in several colour combinations, spanning across the masculine to the feminine, and from colourful to monochromatic through the power of choice – in LINDBERG’s award-winning modular system. Seek out one of LINDBERGs specialised opticians to help guide you to the best option for you. With 105 billion combinations, you can easily create eyewear just as unique as you.

Courtesy of LINDBERG

LINDBERG is the epitome of Danish luxury; known for minimalism, comfort, and a level of quality on the verge of the impossible. The company was founded in 1986 on Danish design principles by the architect MAA Henrik Lindberg and his father optometrist Poul-Jørn Lindberg, creating a unique intersection between architectural design and comfort within eyewear.

With a highly specialised team committed to the research and development of new techniques and materials, each LINDBERG eyewear frame is ultra-lightweight and constructed without any screws and rivets, from responsibly sourced durable and precious materials including titanium, gold, buffalo horn, fine wood, and diamonds. This dedication to the Danish design tradition and constant innovation has granted LINDBERG eyewear 112 internationally recognised design awards to date and a position within high-end eyewear as a market-leading brand.

LINDBERG eyewear is for the sophisticated minimalist, who relies on impeccable design and quality, rather than a logo, to make a statement.