Channeling the California mindset, AMIRI Pre-Fall 2023 is guided by DIY processes that are executed and elevated.
Photos: Courtesy of AMIRI

Fueling this spirit, the collection looks to world travel and discovery as a vehicle to evoke emotion through its pieces. Nothing is expected, all is different – an ideology reflected throughout the collection, which celebrates a lifestyle of discovery, newness, and exploration. Americana is celebrated, collected, and reworked to create new classics. Within this, a suitcase of versatile combinations are formed – rife with opportunities.

Outerwear follows suit and traditional shapes are deconstructed towards a lightweight sensibility. The world of sports influences key silhouettes and technical fabrications, the house’s wool-blend blouson jacket sets the tone, badged varsity jackets are a nod to collegiate athletics. Designed strategically, solutions for transitional climates and landscapes are ingrained in garment design and material.

Leading the industry in the innovation of denim, the collection places an emphasis on newly developed techniques and exquisite finishes, which create a sense of contemporary couture. Redefining denim as a luxury fabric, each piece undergoes a time-intensive process of repeat washes, hyper-detailing, hand distress and coloring. Denim is an iconic material, and it should be treated as such. The menswear collection features a denim jacquard basketball sets that is textured with the AMIRI typeface logo, and signature MX1s are decorated with an Aloha print hand-painted by artisans. Distorting ideas of tailoring, a denim suit is introduced, cut into a blazer silhouette.

The utilitarian is seamlessly fused throughout the women’s collection: multi-pocket cargo pants mirror this season's new wide-leg denim silhouette, while voluminous tailored trousers are adorned with utility pockets. Throughout, traditional Americana tropes are softened and distorted: denim workwear shapes are reworked with fluid, sensual proportions, varsity jackets are embroidered and patchworked with classic AMIRI motifs, and silk bowling shirts have become an iconic piece in womenswear.

A muted palette of mint, blue and cream instils a tranquil mindset as personality takes precedence. Womenswear features a sophisticated silhouette that is drawn from a drop shoulder towards a high-waisted trouser line – the shape is loose and practical, yet always controlled. Tracksuits are treated like tailoring, and, in return, blazers become everyday outerwear, worn over crop tops, across shoulders or sliced at the shoulders into an elegant new form.

The menswear is inspired by the liberation and openness of youth; tailored beach sets transport us to coastline escapes that represent the clear blue skies reflected in pastel hues. Nylon swim trunks decorated in classic AMIRI motifs are paired with relaxed, silk camp-collar shirting. Nautical coloring is infused with tie-dye, and destination graphics are mementoes of exotic travel.

Pre-Fall 2023 introduces a special collaboration with the Eden Rock hotel on the Caribbean Island of Saint Barthélemy, an iconic, luxury vacation destination founded in the 1950s. In ode to the location, an Eden Rock Hotel graphic acorns shirting, hoodies, jersey and accessories, exclusively available at the hotel and a limited selection of locations globally.

Accessories in both collections complete on the story. The men’s collection celebrates its house’s signature MA-1 and Bone Runner reworked in a series of colorways reflective of the season’s palette. Slides return, contrasted with two combat boot variations, one in solid black and a second in light tan – both adorned with the MA monogram. Accessories on our women’s collection offer versatility and options. The M.A. Micro Bag silhouette debuts in denim and leather iterations, tied with a signature paisley strap, while cross-body shapes, beach totes and largest ravel bags provide practicality.

More well-travelled than ever, everything is designed to be elevated yet effortless.