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Alive & More SS24 Collection

Photos: Courtesy of Alive & More

Alive & More, the innovative streetwear brand founded by Karl Jouanni, is revolutionizing the fashion industry by seamlessly integrating fashion, art, and technology. Embracing the intersections of these creative realms, Alive & More preserves the essence of human touch through meticulous handmade processes while exploring the dynamic possibilities of the digital age. The brand's upcoming collection promises to evoke a spectrum of emotions through its vibrant colors, capturing the essence of the human experience.

“Alive & More is a uniform for those who are out there with what may look like an impossible mission in front them, but they have decided to go ahead and jump into the fire knowing they will make it out."

At the core of Alive & More's philosophy lies the concept of embracing the inner child and the enigmatic fool as sources of boundless energy. This powerful blend of creativity, reminiscent of the innocence and beauty of youth, stands in stark contrast to the overwhelming influence of artificial intelligence and information overload in today's society. Alive & More confronts this paradox, fueling a desire to reclaim lost innocence and celebrate the untamed spirit within us all.

The SS24 collection “Unparalleled” will be showcased at the ESPOT gaming arena, providing the perfect backdrop for the fusion of art and fashion. This presentation promises to be a captivating display, featuring a cast of individuals who epitomize the elusive nature of the streetwear brand. Prepare to witness the extraordinary rebirth of innocence, as Alive & More showcases its creative depths and offers a glimpse into a world where life is lived in full color. The forthcoming collection by Alive & More reflects these ideas through explosive colors and captivating imagery. The pieces evoke the untamed spirit of wild tigers, figures screaming, and the elements of fire and nature. They represent the inner beasts that dwell within us, longing to break free and express themselves, regardless of our life circumstances. 2 special pieces have been co-created with CSM-graduated Yaku Stapelton. Collaborations will be also spotted on the runway as both and Asics will be worn as shoes and the Nothing ear(2) will be on display on the models.

“These ideas are reflected in some of the explosive colours and images of wild tigers, or figures screaming, fire and nature, because sometimes no matter what state you are in life, an idea that isn't yet expressed is like a wild beast inside screaming ready to break free.”

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Photos: Courtesy of Alive & More