American Vintage SS20 Collection

Oversized Shapes and 90s Sportswear, Inspired by The Stories of The Past in the Mediterranean Streets. We Call It the Mermaid Summer

The Spring/Summer 2020 American Vintage collection takes its inspiration from the streets of a Mediterranean city. The story of freedom to wear anything, depending on your mood.

Photographer Julia Champeau captures the collection on film – an atmosphere that is luminous, unique, urban and steeped in history. The three new faces for Spring/Summer 2020 collection Lily Taieb, Devon Ross and Étienne de Testa wonder between the rigorous Bauhaus architecture under the warm sun rays. This moment is represented by friends between the past and the present, like the anti-heroes of a Larry Clark film, draped in nonchalance.

The collection is divided in two: LA MAISON – American Vintage essential pieces, DNA and representation of the brand and Le VESTAIRE – the bold, fashion-forward pieces.

LA MAISON is evolving – this season introduces bold prints and coloured denim for the first time since the inception of the brand.


LE VESTAIRE has 3 main inspiration:

· · THE HALL – focused on community, youth, highlighting jersey and denim pieces.

· LA CORNICHE – meaning ‘a road above the sea’ takes its inspiration from nature – the sun, wind, water and stones, includes jackets, jumpsuit.

· LA FENÊTRE – meaning (by the window) has a retro, vintage feel. Think Sunday lunch in the sun of the French apartment. Pastel knitwear, vintage prints and unique designs.

The oversized shapes and 90s sportswear take their inspirations from the past to tell stories of the present. The outfits match and but also clash. There are no more rules. It’s a state of mind. For a truly personal clothing to keep forever, see what you can create with the SS20 collection, available in-stores now.