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Timeless Glam: Amy Jackson

Total Look: MUGLER

L'Officiel United Kingdom: Amy, you started modelling very early, you were only 15. When and how did your passion for fashion start?

Amy Jackson: From a very young I would sneak into my elder sister Alicia’s bedroom and try on all her dresses and shoes.

I also had competition show ponies growing up and I took so much pride in choosing the tweeds, the pinstripe shirts, the the ties and matching scrunchies. It was part of the fun.

Then teenage years hit and I was dress obsessed! You could find me on a Friday night hitting the town in Liverpool and I can guarantee that I would be wearing a dress designed my a local dressmaker - short, bright and paired with the highest heels.

Since then, my style has gone through tbe motions, and I think a lot of that has to do with the influence of travel and the different countries I’ve been inspired by - especially India. That’s when I began to truly appreciate materials and the art of fashion and design, so much so that I’m taking a trip to Rajasthan to incorporate fabrics from there in our new home.


L'O UK: You are now a successful actress, what’s your favourite part of this job?

AJ: I joke with Ed (Westwick) about this being both a blessing and a curse as he has a similar take on it all.

With every project, I’m able to dive deep into the characters life. Their backstory, their thoughts, reactions and understanding of the world. Every single day on a movie is fresh, new scenes, new thoughts, emotions, more likely than not a new city or country. Being an actor can’t be classed as mundane or boring which I LOVE but at the same time it’s important to stay grounded and in a routine and the only way I can do that is having a strong, disciplined morning routine. As long as I have that one hour as soon as I wake up when I meditate, workout and journal I’m in tune with who I am before jumping into someone else’s shoes!

L'O UK: Which actress inspires you the most? Past and now

AJ: Hands down Ingrid Bergman. I admire her choice of films during an era that was primarily based on women being cast purely for their beauty and glamour. Her iconic performances in ‘Gaslight’ and ‘Anastatia’ go down in history.


L'O UK: What kind of movies do you most enjoy doing?

AJ: I’m a hopeless romantic at heart so you would think the RomCom are my thing but in fact, I’ve worked on two action thrillers this year and they are hands down my favourite genre. I like to train hard in the gym anyway, so preparing for these films was a privilege rather than ‘work.’ Martial arts, boxing, and weight training all made life on set and during the stunt practice much of a walk in the park. I also find the characters that I’ve played have a real hardship behind them. Completely stripped back and all heart and soul which I’ve enjoyed. The ‘no makeup high ponytail’ look has also saved me a few hours in glam beforehand!

L'O UK: How do you feel social media has affected today’s world and perception of the movie industry?

AJ: Whether fellow actors like social media or not, the impact it's had on the industry is undeniable. The notion of the elusive movie star doesn’t work anymore. Just like social media, movies are about connection and impact. There are sides to social media that I love such as interacting with my global audience, and being able to share upcoming movies and projects with millions of people at the click of a button.

However, I feel that I feel people are getting complacent with socialising, social media has made everything a little too obtainable. They'd prefer to watch movies on their laptops on the sofa rather than on the big screen which is sad. When I was a child, going to watch a new movie in the cinema was an experience and you’re fully immersed with everything that’s happening on the screen. I feel that going to the cinema pays homage to the art of film in all its glory with the surround sound and larger-than-life spectacle.

I’ve also noticed that scripts have changed enormously, there are a lot of high-octane scenes from start to finish. The concept of less is more has gone out of the window and I feel that’s because there is a constant hit of adrenaline at your fingertips because of social media. So it’s about finding that happy medium of using social media in a complementary way rather than it being the be-all and end-all.

Total Look: Balmain

L'O UK: London is your hometown and where the cover was shot- what's your favourite thing about your city?

AJ: Not anymore. We’ve just bought our dream home in the English countryside, an hour outside of London. It’s surrounded by fields and horses and everything that feeds the soul! Don’t get me wrong, London is one of my favourite cities in the world, it has everything. My favourite kind of Sunday afternoon in London would consist of a run around Regents Park followed by a chai latte from Ginger and White in Hampstead. Then we’d hop on our bikes, my son Andreas on the back and we’d head over to Notting Hill market - I have a thing for vintage cameras! Followed by a movie at Electric Cinema and a (nut) roast dinner at the local pub.

Total Look: VERSACE

L'O UK: What’s next for Amy Jackson? (Movies)

AJ: My new action thriller MISSION comes out next month. My character, Sandra Jones is the Governor of Wandsworth prison who’s the backbone of overcoming a terrorist takeover at Wandsworth.

As I’m doing this interview I’m on set for a new Bollywood action movie called CRAKK. I play the lead role of a Polish Europol agent who discovers an underground extreme sports competition that has a much more sinister side to it.

Both are bad women who don’t take any nonsense and I’m here for it.



Photographer: Frederic Monceau @frederic.monceau

Talent: Amy Jackson @iamamyjackson

Creative Director: Ameni Shafik @amenishafik

Stylist: Kirsty Stewart @kstewartstylist

Stylist Assistants@stylebyco @katie.mccormick 

Make Up: Andrew Denton @andrewdentonmakeup

Hair: Sophie Sugarman @themanestyle

Location: Courtesy of TravelStaytion @travelstaytion_

Special thanks: @sherwoodpr

Jewellery: FOPE @fope1929 |