Antonio Riva Milano: Princess Garden

In the splendid setting of Società del Giardino, the Princess Garden collection and the new capsule of the Atelier collection offer an experience where the world of the bridalwear merges with haute couture.
Photo: Courtesy of Antonio Riva Milano

Antonio Riva Milano brings Italian manufacturing into the spotlight in the Lombard capital.

The Maison, founded over 25 years ago and led by the master couturier, presented its fashion show on April 12 at 6:30 p.m. at via San Paolo 10.

The lights shone on the wedding gowns and on the Atelier capsule collection, designed to accompany the most special occasions of a dynamic and sophisticated woman.

The Princess Garden bridal collection characterized by clean lines, precious fabrics and refined details blends distinctive elements of haute couture with the most innovative production techniques.

Geometric sartorial shapes and knowledge of the female silhouette find their maximum expression in the twenty-four looks proposed for as many versatile and modern personalities.

Mikado is like a breath of fresh air, organza and lace trace new paths as in the case of raffia lace, and impalpable layers overlap to create volume in lightness.

Photo: Courtesy of Antonio Riva Milano
Photo: Courtesy of Antonio Riva Milano

The Princess Garden collection is the most current expression of the talent and masterful skill of Antonio Riva, an ambassador of Italian manufacturing excellence.

Timeless creations, floating and ethereal, made in soft colors and sheer fabrics are the initial touch in the new capsule of the Atelier collection. The color palette — from ash blue to light blue to nude — works with light to restore the sensation of three-dimensionality. Antonio Riva plays with fabrics and production techniques, from creponne to hand embroidery, and finishes with mikado, offering a sensation of delicate refinement. Stiff crine silk, jacquard and lace add texture to the garments and create a romantic, mysterious effect.

The path, in continuous development, is confirmed by a solid presence in the area where the Maison has its Creative Workshop on via della Moscova and an Atelier in Palazzo Toschi Corneliani on Corso Venezia in Milan, an Atelier in Palazzo Grazioli on via del Plebiscito in Rome, and its factory, la Manifattura di Garlate, on Lake Como, dedicated to the production of wedding gowns.

Photo: Courtesy of Antonio Riva Milano
Photo: Courtesy of Antonio Riva Milano