Art in Motion: Lincoln Corsair’s Exquisitely Contoured Lines and Expressive Architecture

Lincoln Corsair displays beauty inside and out, proving to be ahead of the curve, and much more than a sanctuary for the senses with a whisper-quiet ride.

Inspired by human beauty and movement, curvature is implemented into every aspect of the all-new Lincoln Corsair’s body to establish a stunning landscape of seductive form.

Peaks and valleys drawn from natural elements and exaggerated lines draw a vision of continuous light play that reflects the spacious two-row SUV’s environment and creates a sense of a moving sculpture.

“Exquisitely contoured lines of the all-new Lincoln Corsair create a virtual moving sculpture, a vehicle crafted in clay,” said Nicolas Lory, Managing Director, Lincoln Direct Markets. “Actual human hands worked to develop the body of this vehicle, so Corsair’s deep landscapes of curvature and relief play off shifting light and diverse environments to fashion an intricately changing landscape.”


The expressive architecture of Corsair features S curves along the body side. Similar to those in Corsair’s bigger sibling Aviator, these curves are designed to create an interplay of light and shadow that elicits a feeling of youthful motion like a ballerina — even if Corsair is standing still.

Lincoln’s signature grille crowns the graceful lines featured on the front line of the car with contemporary luxury distinction. With a clean chrome face featuring elegant lines, the grille adds an attractive accent to the front façade. Prominently presenting the Lincoln Star as the focal point, it is mirrored throughout the grille in an accenting mesh.

The beautiful curvature of the exterior is extended into wheel designs that feature radial and directional lines. The Lincoln Corsair offers a number of eye- catching wheels to select from, including an 18inch, 19inch and 20inch options, giving Corsair customers the power to choose the style they like best.

With Lincoln signature full-width horizontal taillamps with a starburst-pattern, design lines of Corsair are emphasised to create a striking visual. A delicate arrangement of sunrays radiates out to the edges of the clamshell liftgate to produce a streamlined look, married with a soft curvature to achieve an appearance that feels fresh.

Inside Corsair, the emphasis is on the horizontal, with the design lending visual calmness and airiness to the space, which is crafted with supple, hand-selected materials. Breaking up the elements, particularly the cantilevered console, emphasises volume and enhances practicality with additional front-row storage.

Sliding second-row seats offer up to six inches of travel and a 60/40 fold-flat or split-bench option, proving design should also be functional. With the seats in the full forward position and four passengers, Corsair can accommodate four sets of golf clubs; with the second row slid forward, up to four full-size pieces of luggage can fit. 

As quietness is paramount, Lincoln designers and engineers obsessed over every single detail to create a sanctuary for the senses in the all-new Corsair. To help ensure a whisper-quiet ride, a dual-wall dashboard in the engine compartment provides an additional sound-dampening barrier between passengers and the engine.

The new Corsair emerges from its environment with a unique harmony and balance, and an elegant yet confident grace. Bringing signature Lincoln features luxury customers have come to love, delivered in a small SUV package, the stylish Corsair is available in showrooms now.