Azzi & Osta Haute Couture Autumn Winter 2023-2024

AZZI & OSTA presented “The Sacred Spring," an Haute Couture Collection for Autumn Winter 2023-2024 paying tribute to the Viennese Secession Movement, an artistic rebellion that revolutionized the art world.
Photos: Courtesy of AZZI & OSTA

Led by visionaries like Gustav Klimt and Koloman Moser, the Secessionists challenged conservative art conventions and embraced nature-inspired decorative art. Their aim was to integrate art into everyday life and celebrate individual expression. AZZI & OSTA's collection embodies this radical departure, seamlessly merging art and fashion.

Luxurious fabrics such as velvet, crepe, plissé, faille, brocade, and embroidered tulle gracefully drape the silhouettes, heightened by exquisite embroideries and embellishments. Inspired by Klimt's iconic masterpieces, the collection showcases goldwork in various shades and techniques. Custom-made gold-plated pendants, flowers, and brooches, adorned with semi-precious stones, add a touch of uniqueness. Ceramic motifs and 3D geometrical beadings evoke architectural influences of Josef Hoffmann. Handmade silk organza flowers and delicate hand embroideries elevate the intricate details. Oversized floral sequins pay homage to the Golden Cabbage, while wool floral origami honors Charles Rennie Mackintosh's illustrations.

A captivating color palette mirrors the beauty of the Secession masters, with Klimt Gold and shades of black, white, lavender, saffron, flaming orange, fuchsia purple, antique silver, sand, and agathe. Seventeen stunning looks draw inspiration from prominent figures and artworks of the Secession. From the black and white works of Otto Wagner and Josef Hoffmann to Klimt's iconic geometrical motifs. The Golden Dome look captures the essence of the Golden Cabbage and the Secession Building, while the Hymn of Joy intertwines the Owls on the Façade of the Secession Building and Mackintosh's floral illustrations.

Handcrafted accessories include 3D crystal snake bracelets, gold-plated tiaras, and earrings with custom ceramic motifs inspired by Moser and Klimt's art.

Each meticulously crafted look tells a story, breathing life into Vienna's Secession movement and embodying artistic freedom's spirit. It celebrates the enduring influence of the Secession on the world of fashion.





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Photos: Courtesy of AZZI & OSTA