BALMESSENCE Summer Skincare

Angela’s Approved Guide to Summer Skin Care

It's important to focus on sun and heat protection, but also to adapt and change your regular skincare routine for the harsh UAE summer conditions”

1. Lightweight Cleansers

Throughout the day, the skin is exposed to a lot of things such as bacteria, pollution, dirt, oil on the skin and our dead skin cells. It is important then to cleanse the skin twice daily. A perfect cleanser for the summer months would be a lightweight/ water-based cleanser such as the ESSE Gel Cleanser.


2. Lightweight Moisturizer


Moisturizing the skin creates a protective layer on the skin that lasts all day, and helps to seal and lock in moisture, leaving the skin well hydrated and nourished. It’s good to use a lightweight moisturizer in the summer months that won’t be too heavy yet will give you just the right amount of moisture, like the Perris Skin Fitness Active Anti-age Face Emulsion.

3. Don’t Forget Sun-Screen

SPF SPF SPF! Don’t forget to wear sunscreen, ideally apply it your face after using moisturizer and before applying makeup. The ESSE Sunscreen works for all skin types, and is a Certified Organic, Mineral Sunscreen that offers broad spectrum coverage protecting from both UVA and UVB (critical wavelength of 373nm). It is fragrance free and mildly preserved making it ideal for sensitive skins, but also rapidly biodegradable and coral-friendly.

4. Makeup

Take a closer look at your makeup, and ensure you’re using a product formulated without pore-clogging ingredients. The Esse Probiotic Skincare Certified Organic Foundation includes probiotic actives and SPF 30, to calm and protect the skin. The new foundation line includes 1 million tyndallised probiotic bacteria per ml and uses a range of prebiotics designed to promote the growth of beneficial skin microbes.


5. Spray Serum

Serums have many benefits, depending on the results it aims to achieve, some of the benefits of using a serum include cellular regeneration, increasing hydration by preventing (TEWL) trans epidermal water loss. The CODAGE Paris Mattifying & Energizing Skincare Water is like a serum in a spray form, specially formulated to detoxify and boost skin vitality, it filters out urban pollution, revealing the skin’s radiance with a single gesture. It can be used as a base, makeup fixer or whenever you feel like it. 


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