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BOTTER Spring/Summer 2024

Discover the elegance redefined in BOTTER's Spring/Summer 2024 collection. Explore the latest trends and styles for the upcoming season.
Photos: Courtesy of BOTTER

Under slavery, African culture and religion was suppressed, lineages were fragmented, and people pooled their religious knowledge. Out of this fragmentation it became culturally unified.

Vodou is a worldview. Everything within the universe affects everything else. We are all a unity, the notion of the unity of all forces of nature is central to Vodou.

The connection between the living and the spirits, the Earth, the land, and various bodies of water is important in all that work together to seek balance and to restore harmony and rhythm.

This worldview directs our way of approaching fashion, a strong sense of continuous flow of energy was key in the creation of the collection. Creating a continuous flow of twisted panels that are merged into one and just by a raw cut are twisted into a garment.

Stockings flowing into the sneaker as if we created a second skin. Latex imprinted, fitted as a glove. Haitian diasporic visual art Illustrations created by Haitian artist Day Brierre, are seen printed on organic silks and woven into a jacquard with Algae and cotton yarns.

Celebrating the colors, scents and creative tailoring through our self proclaimed Caribbean Couture mindset. Where we have worked with discarded toys and created jewelry, chains and keychains together with artist Daniel Von Weinberger. Knitwear created with up cycled Scooby Doo yarns that give the impression they are woven.

The use of many different textures in the collection is our way of experiencing a dream-reality confusion. For the continuous collaboration with Reebok we created sportswear that refer to the process by which elements of cross-cultural patterns are blended together to create something new. Creating Trompe l’oeil silhouettes that are styled to the front by a single slit in the back neck. Trainer jackets and soccer shirts that sit slightly different than usual around the body to challenge the balance of the silhouet.

The ‘Bo Kèts’ sneakers are a multistep transformation of the soccer cleat, embracing the glove fit while the heel is sculptured and moves in waves towards the sole.

Murex shell 3D printed sneakers evolved into a new summer interpretation with the Reebok Murex Shell pool slide. Respecting the free-flowing form that encapsulates the shoe created with HP, using its most cutting-edge 3D printing technology.

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Photos: Courtesy of BOTTER