Bally Introduces An Exclusive ‘Peak Outlook’ Capsule Collection

Photographed by Environmental Activist Michel Comte in Switzerland's Rhône Glacier, driving awareness towards the critical Impact of Global Warming

Bally will launch a limited-edition capsule of 37 eco-friendly products inspired by the outdoors, including collaborations with Sigg, Snow Peak and Vibram. 100% of net proceeds will benefit the Bally Peak Outlook Foundation, whose mission is to safeguard the world's fragile mountains, calling attention to at-risk alpine environments through multi-faceted initiatives, from clean-up expeditions to the base camps of eight 8,000-meter mountains in the Himalayas, including Mount Everest, to building new sustainable trails to access the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.


The campaign for the Bally Peak Outlook range was captured by environmental activist and renowned Swiss artist Michel Comte, set against a dramatic backdrop of Switzerland's Rhône Glacier, near the Furka Pass. The glacier itself is partially covered in an expansive UV blanket, a practice at local level that can help to preserve the glacier by reflecting sunlight and reducing seasonal melting up to 70%.

With half of the Alps' 4,000 glaciers projected to be gone as a consequence of global warming by 2050, the Bally Peak Outlook Foundation is also focusing its attention on this critical issue by consulting with local experts and glaciologists from research university ETH Zurich and Switzerland's Federal Office of the Environment (or FOEN) to explore more sustainable alternatives and scalable solutions.

"The Alps are one of the most magical places in the world," Comte reveals. "There is this kind of serenity in the mountains... anything can happen at any point because nature is extremely powerful." Comte's grandfather was an early aviator, which allowed him to study Alpine glaciers as a youth from a bird's-eye view. He also climbs, not only in Switzerland, but in the Himalayas, where he spent a full year in 1986. "I really started seeing the incredibly rapid decline of the glaciers... and I think the act of collective thinking and bringing the right people together is really what is going to provoke change."

As part of an overarching commitment towards Sustainability, the launch of the Bally Peak Outlook capsule coincides with the publication of Bally's first Sustainability Report and the one-year anniversary of the Fashion Pact, of which Bally is a dedicated signatory, joining industry leaders in the crucial pledge to create a more sustainable future. With a goal to reduce its environmental footprint, Bally continues to combat climate change, helping to protect glaciers and the mountains, and promoting the social and economic well-being of its employees and communities. By 2050, the company aims to have net-zero carbon emissions.


The Bally Peak Outlook range includes men's and women's ready-to-wear designs, merging Bally's pioneering innovation with technical functionalities. Made in Italy, thermal sets, padded hoodies, water-resistant shells and T-shirts use recycled materials and feature blue aster accents. Accessories, like climbing-inspired bracelets and belts, key holders, a specially designed blanket with an archival Bally poster print, beanies, gloves, scarves and socks are also made with eco-friendly synthetics or yarns. Graphic leather backpacks, sling bags and a signature-Curling shoe with a special Vibram sole get redesigned with recycled construction. Collaborative products include BPA-free aluminum water bottles made in Switzerland from Sigg, and titanium compact cook sets, mugs and stainless coffee percolators from Snow Peak in Japan.

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