Bateel: The exclusive gift set perfect for gifting this Valentine’s Day

The best gifts are the ones that bring delight to all the senses and deliver heartwarming sentiments. But, where does one find the perfect gift to celebrate eternal love?
Adore Collection | Courtesy of Bateel

Most people fall back on the traditional bouquet-plus-card combo, but there are plenty of presents that are unique, thoughtful, and show just how much you care. The bottom line is that Valentine’s Day is not a referendum on the relationship, but a chance to show the person you love that you care deeply about them.

This year, show some love to your partner, family, friends, or anyone else important to you with impressive luxury Valentine’s Day gift sets from the region’s ultimate indulgence and gifting destination, Bateel.

Pastel Pink Collection | Courtesy of Bateel

The brand’s irresistible Adore gift set is an elegant choice, offering premium taste in flavour and design and displayed in exquisite heart-shaped boxes in deep shades of red. The Pastel Petal gift set emerges on to a different form, showcased in square-shaped boxes in delicate shades of pastel pink. These gift boxes are all carefully crafted with care and filled with a selection of delectable treats such as single-origin gourmet chocolates to indulge in. Bateel’s elegant packaging is fully customisable, offering luxurious products ideal for celebrating special occasions, anytime, anywhere!