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Beauty with Purpose: Grace C

Grace C is a luminary figure whose presence radiates inspiration and enchantment to all fortunate enough to cross her path. Renowned in the vibrant social circles of New York City, Grace transcends mere socialite status as an entrepreneurial force and philanthropic trailblazer, redefining the modern paradigm of female success. A devoted mother to Terri Rose, Jojo, and Ben, Grace embodies the ethos of balance, effortlessly blending maternal devotion with community engagement and visionary leadership.
Blazer: Adeam, Skirt: KYHA Studios, Jewelry: Lorraine Schwartz.

L'Officiel United Kingdom: You are heavily involved in Philanthropic work, can you tell us more about it?

Grace C: I’m passionate about giving back, which is why I've always gravitated towards philanthropic endeavors. In my early 20s, I created Gracelette NYC, a jewelry brand, whose proceeds went directly to help feed the homeless.

I have also volunteered my time helping pediatric patients at Sloan Kettering, Ronald McDonald House, NYU, and other various hospitals, aiming to bring comfort and joy during difficult times.

Additionally, helping children with autism at the Special Children’s Center has been a longtime love of mine. The SCC aids those with special needs through providing supportive classrooms, camp programs, and weekend events. Recently, the Center built an equestrian center and a therapeutic farm. My family has had the honor of donating three ponies and a bunny to this magical place.

Furthermore, I believe in the power of education and have volunteered in both public and private schools, striving to provide opportunities for all children to thrive.


Dress: Chanel, Cape: Cucculelli Shaheen, Jewelry: Lorraine Schwartz.

L'Officiel UK: How do you find balance between your family and work?

GC: With the support of amazing help, family, and friends!  It's important for me to have quality time with each one of my children. I want to show them an example of someone who can fill themselves up and then pour over that passion onto them and others. In order to create this balance, it’s essential to take time for myself in order to be there for my family and others.

Dress: Celia Kritharioti, Rings: Lorraine Schwartz, Cuff: Elena Matallana.

L'Officiel UK: Who has inspired you the most in your life?

GC: My dad. He always inspires me to dream big and never to take no for an answer.

Bodysuit: Schiaparelli, Earrings: Hayden Official.

L'Officiel UK: How was the experience shooting for L'Officiel UK cover?

GC: The shoot was super fun! It was my first time shooting with so many complex moving parts involving 5 stylists, a director, photographer, lighting assistant, hair, makeup and even animals. Being part of the behind-the-scenes action, contributing to the cohesive creative vision of the shoot and witnessing the entire day unfold was truly exhilarating. Despite encountering some unexpected challenges, like a parrot bite, the crew's morale remained high, showcasing our resilience and dedication to the project's success.

Top: Alaia, Skirt: Monot, Jewelry: Lorraine Schwartz.

L'Officiel UK: What's next for Grace?

GC: Next for me is continuing philanthropic work, manifesting greater involvement in charities, and making a meaningful impact.

I hope to stay engaged in the iconic worlds of fashion, art, and music-infusing my work with purpose and passion.

Above all, I'm committed to nurturing my children and instilling in them the values of empathy, generosity, resilience and love.

Dress: Dolce and Gabbana, Jewelry: Lorraine Schwartz.

L'Officiel UK: Tell us about current projects you’re working on.

GC: I’m always working on multiple projects at a time. I recently published two children’s books, The Original Pineapple Man, and The Adventures of Smores: the Sneaky Hamster. Another book I compiled is a prayer book in memory of a dear friend of mine who passed away from cancer. I’ve been working on various fashion events for charity, and am honored to be part of this year’s Angel Ball gala for cancer research. Another recent project of mine is my website. I post all my tried and true favorite products for others to enjoy (all unsolicited). I constantly received messages on Instagram asking for fashion, beauty, home etc. recommendations and I decided to put them all in one place ( You’re welcome :)

Dress: Christian Dior by John Galliano, Jewelry: Lorraine Schwartz


Talent: Grace C @OneLoveGC

Producer: Daniele Carettoni @DanieleCarettoni at Espresso Productions @EspressoProductions

Photographer: Matallana @ByMatallana

Stylist: Arnold Milfort @ArnoldMilfort

Make Up Artist: Vicky Steckel at Bryan Bantry Agency @BryanBantryAgency using Chanel @Chanel.Beauty

Hair Stylist: Michael Lollo @MichaelThomasLollo at Statement Artists @StatementArtists

Photographer Assistant: David Kirchnerr @David.Kirchnerr

Stylist Assistant: Samia Laaboudi @TheSLStory

Retoucher: Brooklyn Story Studio @Brooklynstory_studio

Location Manager and Production Assistant: Mimi Sultan

Bengal Cat Thanks to Angela Dobrushin @LaVieAnge

Special Thanks to Casa Cipriani @CasaCiprianiNYC and all the staff