Boost your immunity with this powerful all in one LYMA supplement

More than ever, we are taking our health into our own hands, as we know, it is vital to strengthen our immune system, and build up immune response to dangerous viruses and bacteria, to keep fit and well.
Photo: Courtesy of LYMA

As we start to travel more during the warmer months, long flights, jetlag, and the stress associated with travel can all compromise the integrity of our immune system. So how should you be looking after your immune system?

1.    Load up on Vitamin D:  it is a key component of a healthy and fully-functioning immune system.

2.    Focus on beta-glucans: they are clinically proven to protect against infection by bacteria, viruses, and pathogenic microorganisms.

3.    Improve your sleep habits: a sleep-deprived immune system will be significantly less effective as fighting off disease 

4.    Reduce stress: low-level and persistent stress can cause a build up of inflammation which is very closely correlated with increased susceptibility to illness and disease

5.    Tweak your diet: incorporate immune boosting food like salmon, broccoli, blueberries, red pepper and sweet potato

AND, find a Supplement proven to help with 4 of those 5 tips!

The LYMA Supplement is proven to bolster immunity with its patented Wellmune™ Blend, a highly specialized 1,3 1,6 beta glucans, it has Vita-Algae D3™ at a clinical dose of 2,000 i.u. (compared with a marketplace average of 600 i.u. - far too low to have any discernible impact) and the ultimate formula is proven to improve sleep and reduce stress.

There are a number of ways to boost your immunity, and most of us will reach for trusted Vitamin C, but there are many more important vitamins that help keep illness at bay – LYMA’s patented, and peer reviewed ingredients offer something more, they are proven to work - we’ve shared the main two in the formula of 10 ingredients in LYMA that have been dosed to aid immunity –