Breaking Boundaries: Blerta Veseli

Blerta Veseli, a model and influencer crowned Miss Kosovo 2020, is enjoying her time in the heights of Aspen, complementing stunning views with no less stunning outfits.

L'Officiel United Kingdom: How are you doing?

Blerta Veseli: Very good, thank you: for the first time since I can remember, I can sit down calmly and feel the happiness inside of me. I’m happy and present. I have the feeling that thanks to all the hard work I’ve been putting in for so many years, I can now relax and enjoy the success and blessings and be very grateful for it!

L'O UK: What has been your priority lately?

BV: Among the new habits, I’m giving priority to myself and the continuous search for things to love. It seems simple, but it’s a practice that requires a lot of effort. Every day I try different things like horse riding, meditation and yoga, writing, talking to open-minded people, talking about business ideas, taking care of my cat and just being in nature.

L'O UK: How can you use fashion to express one’s personality or make a statement?

BV: What you wear and how you wear it tells a lot about you, so yes, fashion is in a way a statement that you make to the world. It can be a vibe or an aesthetic that you create from within or something from the outside that you resonate with. Whichever it is I think it’s best that if you choose to bring it to the world it should always be authentic to you first.

L'O UK: Tell us something about your Après Ski outfit?

BV: Après Ski in Aspen seems a lot of fun for me and my friends. We enjoy every single minute there; the atmosphere is just INCREDIBLE! The vibe when you’re 11,200 ft up is insanely good. Aspenx Beach Club is the place to be! This time I choose to wear black Moncler après-ski pants with Salvadore Ferragamo black boots, a white shirt by Ralph Lauren and, of course, a red cable-knit cashmere sweater also by Ralph Lauren. And to finish it off perfectly, I’m going with a Christian Dior hat.


Model: Blerta Veseli

Aspen Photographer