Buccellati Celebrates Valentine's Day with a New Pendant from the Opera Line Together with its Iconic Hawaii Collection

Valentine's Day is approaching and Buccellati couldn't fail to celebrate it with a new interpretation of the Opera pendant, which is transformed into a stylised heart to honour the day of love and lovers, centrally decorated with a small pavé of diamonds that embellishes it.
Photo: Courtesy of Buccellati

The design of the new pendant is inspired by the Renaissance-style Opera collection with a symmetry in the flower that is its symbol and recurring motif.

Buccellati complements the new Opera pendant with creations from the iconic Hawaii collection, born in 1932 from the creative genius of the Maison's founder, Mario, inspired by the Hawaiian welcome garland.

A cascade of tiny gold circles, handcrafted with the twisted thread technique, plays with light and movement. The circles have a diameter of 0.6 mm and are composed of two gold wires, twisted and patiently hand-soldered one by one, creating a movable mesh.

To date, the Hawaii collection has become a must-have among the jewellery lines offered by the Maison.



Photos: Courtesy of Buccellati

Here then, for a celebration without borders, the Hawaii collection is proposed in the most varied combinations, where large circles or concentric ellipses caress and dress with great simplicity and bon ton, where long sautoirs combined with pendant earrings enhance feminine beauty, and where the new Opera Valentine's Day pendant fully expresses love and the essentiality of the heart.

Every day should be the day of love, but Valentine's Day is a special occasion for millions of people around the world who take the opportunity to celebrate shared affection together.


Photos: Courtesy of Buccellati