As the saying goes: If you are going to do something, do it right. The Danish premium eyewear brand LINDBERG has lived this saying to its fullest, creating a brand philosophy based on in-house expertise and innovative solutions.
Courtesy of LINDBERG

The result is designer eyewear based in the minimalist Danish tradition, intentionally crafted for longevity.

In Aarhus, Denmark, you will find the headquarters: The essence of everything LINDBERG. Here, they design, develop, and produce the renowned ultra-lightweight titanium glasses with innovative and award-winning technology that ensures the perfect fit, comfort, durability and which gives the possibility to personalise to your own liking.

As every frame is individually crafted to each customer, LINDBERG does not have a warehouse storage of products that might end up as dead stock. Instead, each frame is crafted through the most extensive modular system in the world, and assembled to your needs, complete with your name engraved in the temple arm. In total, the modular system has 105 billion combinations, making each product unique.

With production in Denmark, LINDBERG is supporting the local economy and has full control of the quality of their products, which are designed, engineered, produced and manually quality controlled by their specialised personnel.

Courtesy of LINDBERG
Courtesy of LINDBERG

With a dedicated team of engineers, every detail of the eyewear is conceived, developed,and optimised. This investment in technology has resulted in 112 globally recognised design awards, celebrating LINDBERG’s innovations.

Most recently, LINDBERG received the Red Dot Design of the Year 2021 for their thintanium collection, a line of eyewear lighter and thinner than ever before, but with increased stability through their patented titanium design.

This season the award-winning collection has been expanded into sunglasses and rounded spectacles that flatter across gender expressions. The eyewear design is a continuous homage to the Danish design tradition on which LINDBERG was founded. Known for functionality, comfort, and minimalism, with respect for natural materials, LINDBERG eyewear is an understated luxury in unmatched quality.