CHANEL Introduces SUBLIMAGE L'Extrait de Nuit

A night treatment that offers the luxury of time.


Nothing is more precious than time. Time for others and time for ourselves. Yet, this time that we stretch out to lengthen our days and shorten our nights is not always suited to our skin. Naturally, the skin’s biological rhythm is based on the alternation of day and night. At night, while we rest, skin gets to work and regenerates itself.

However, if we are deprived of sleep, skin can no longer fully regenerate itself. Its essential nighttime functions are disturbed. Night after night, its biological clock is disrupted. The skin becomes desynchronized.

For the women who go to bed late and get up early, or whose nights are out of sync because they often change time zones, CHANEL introduces SUBLIMAGE L’Extrait de Nuit, a night treatment that offers the luxury of time. By resetting the skin’s optimal biological rhythm with a daily application technique, this care product renews the skin’s ability to completely regenerate and repair itself, acting like a good night’s sleep. Transformed into a genuine beauty ritual with its application method, it helps women reconnect with themselves more easily for an overall beauty and well-being benefit. In the morning, skin feels stronger and more comfortable. It appears repaired.

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