CHANEL - LE LIFT Creme de Nuit

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Our skin doesn’t share the same rhythm. When our days are too long and hectic, it has trouble keeping up.

Ideally, cellular proliferation reaches its peak at night, when its renewal is 30 times more active than during the day. While we sleep, the skin works silently, transforming itself so that it can look new every morning.

However, when days are too busy, long and intense, external aggressors such as pollution or temperature changes and internal aggressors such as stress can saturate the activity of the skin’s nerve fibers. Skin is no longer able to renew itself. It becomes more reactive, uncomfortable and sensitized. In the evening, it can no longer calm itself.

As the days pass, this neuronal overstimulation leads to increased rates of NGF (Nerve Growth Factor), causing inflammation and discomfort. The skin’s natural cycles are disturbed. Its nighttime renewal is less effective. Signs of aging appear more quickly.



Dedicated to those who expect the best from their skincare, the LE LIFT line propels natural-origin active ingredients to their maximum efficacy. In this new night care, formulated with 94% natural-origin ingredients, botanical alfalfa extract — the signature of the LE LIFT line — joins forces with the new Neuractive Night complex, which comforts skin and stimulates its renewal. All in an enveloping texture that soothes skin at night so that it can glow during the day.



The Neuractive Night complex unites two natural-origin active ingredients, Silver Needle tea and a marine-origin active ingredient, to relieve skin that is overworked during the day and help it to renew itself all night long.

Silver Needle tea is a rare white tea. The buds of its terminal leaves are gathered by hand ten days a year and then dried on racks at a low temperature to preserve all of their active molecules. Using these precious buds, CHANEL Research created an active ingredient rich in theanine and polyphenols, capable of both soothing and de-stressing skin.

- Skin is soothed. The cream regulates the production of neurotrophic NGF factors.*

- Skin is de-stressed. The cream protects skin from oxidative stress by blocking free radicals.

Soothed and protected, skin can return to its essential nighttime task: renewing itself, in order to look fresher and brand new in the morning.

Silver Needle tea is combined with a marine-origin active ingredient whose molecule is obtained using biotechnology. This active ingredient increases the differentiation of keratinocytes to strengthen the barrier function. As a bonus, it boosts the production of hyaluronic acid and acts together with the botanical alfalfa concentrate to smooth and firm the skin.



Grown in France, this natural wonder is extremely rich in minerals, trace elements, vitamins and amino acids. Its seeds, prized by health food fans, yield a botanical concentrate via a green extraction process, with potential as effective as the benchmark anti-aging molecule, retinol,* while being gentle on the skin.

In the epidermis, botanical alfalfa concentrate reactivates the proliferation of keratinocytes to induce 13% epidermal thickening, while stimulating epidermal differentiation in order to maintain a proper barrier function. In the dermis, it encourages the activity of fibroblasts to increase the synthesis of type I collagen.*

With this combination of soothing yet stimulating active ingredients, skin avoids burnout. It takes up its essential functions again. Every morning, it appears fresh and plumped. Skin is soothed (+76%**) and features are rested (+61%***). Morning after morning, skin looks smoother, firmer and more luminous (+48%***)! After one month of use, skin is like new (+19%****).



Crème de Nuit backs the undeniable efficacy of its formula with exceptional sensoriality so that, every evening, taking care of your skin becomes a relaxing experience of well-being. With its creamy, fresh and velvety texture, ensured by a combination of oils and butters, such as jojoba oil and shea butter, it envelops the face with a soothing caress that eases the skin and mind. Formulated with a combination of high molecular weight hyaluronic acid and glycerin, it leaves skin more comfortable, ready to spend a relaxed and revitalizing night.

The soft and enveloping texture of LE LIFT Crème de Nuit is at the heart of a two-fold night ritual: soothe and re-energize.



Use a soothing technique, inspired by yoga, to evacuate tension from the face. With an enveloping and calming movement, gently stretch the cheeks outwards with both hands.

Then, smooth the forehead with one hand and then the other, and finish with a circular movement on the temples.

Repeat 3 times.



Perform the re-energizing technique, inspired by the “palpate and roll” method, to lift and firm the skin.

Gently pinch the skin of the jawline between the thumb and index finger. Start under the chin, then work upwards, pushing the skin towards the ears.

Finish with a smoothing movement on the face, working from the bottom upwards.

Repeat 3 times on each side.

Using the middle finger, conclude by rubbing the nasolabial folds, eye contours and forehead.


For maximum benefits, combine LE LIFT Crème de Nuit with LE LIFT Sérum and LE LIFT Crème Yeux