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Celine Show "La Collection Du Palace"

Relive the captivating moments from Celine's "La Collection Du Palace" fashion show. Discover the essence of luxury and sophistication.
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The Celine 18 - Men's Winter 2023 show is taking place at the legendary Le Palace in Paris.

A place dear to Hedi Slimane that he frequented most nights during his youth starting from the age of 16 - Le Palace remains a sentimental place which triggered his future as a couturier and where he celebrated his 50th surprise birthday party in July 2018. Originally built as a theatre dance hall in the 17th century, but also known for its years as a nightclub, in 1978 Le Palace was taken over by renowned Impresario Fabrice Emaer, who animated the Paris nightlife at the time. Commissioned by Emaer to reimagine the space, architect Patrick Berger participated in revamping its rich art deco interior, installing the emblematic and modern chandelier of neon lights playing a major role center stage lighting up the walls embellished with Gérard Garouste paintings.

Once considered a French version of New York's Studio 54; the iconic Le Palace was one of the first nightlife venues where a variety of communities could mix freely with exuberance, attracting the likes of Yves Saint Laurent, Grace Jones, Prince, Karl Lagerfeld, Andy Warhol, Serge Gainsbourg, Mick Jagger, Jerry Hall and many more enjoyed masked balls and live performances before making their way to the basement to the Le Privilège Private Club.



Suicide are cited as one of the most influential bands of all time. Emerging from the New York City streets in the 1970s, Suicide's revolutionary self-titled debut album has become an iconic anthem of the CBGB punk-era movement, a staple for countless generations of music fans' record collections, and set the blueprint for endless genres of music. The minimalist duo's visionary creations revolved around multi-instrumentalist Martin Rev and visual artist/vocalist Alan Vega's unparalleled sonic chemistry, which resulted in riot-fuelled live shows that have become legendary in the history of rock n roll. "Everybody came in to see Suicide to be entertained," Alan Vega said, "and all we did was give them back the street, in all its glory."




Alan Vega's creative process drew from a myriad of sources, materials and mediums to express his art; music, drawing, painting, light sculptures, collage, and photography. As a visual artist and musician, Vega used text and lyrics in innovative and incomparable ways. His creations were always unique, inspiring and cutting edge. Vega fully believed the interpretation of his art was left with the viewer/listener. Yet, whatever medium Vega explored as an artist, his indelible fingerprints are embedded in the outcome. The text collages contain a glimpse into the world of the iconic singer and songwriter of legendary NYC band Suicide, as well as the critically acclaimed visual artist who took no prisoners nor compromised while making timeless and influential work.

Hedi Slimane delves into today's youth's rediscovery of the 2000's electro clash and electronic rock sounds and scenes, a movement appearing in major cities like Paris, London and New York. He pays tribute to New York's cult proto-punk band Suicide formed in 1977 by Alan Vega and Martin Rev, a band who in 2023 still intrigues and inspires the emerging music scenes.

Key to the collection, the tight black leather celine pants, are paired in "double leather" with biker and racer jackets customized with studs or rhinestones. The Celine coats are worn oversized and are cut out of cashmere or english tweeds recreated on a traditional loom. The Celine suits are slightly raised, worn with cropped flared trousers. The embroideries are handmade in the Parisian couture ateliers. The giant leopard and tiger printed coats are made from shearling cashmere.

The models wear "Nightclubbing" perfume, part of the Celine Haute Parfumerie collection. The pieces that pay tribute to Le Palace iconic years are limited edition.

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