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Clinique La Prairie Launches Holistic Health Nutraceuticals at Harrods with a series of exclusive experiences

Explore the exclusive world of Clinique La Prairie's Holistic Health Nutraceuticals at Harrods, offering a transformative experience in wellness.

To celebrate the launch, visitors to Harrods will be invited to discover how to unlock their life to its fullest potential through a series of exclusive experiences designed by Clinique La Prairie for Harrods, including Master Classes in The Auditorium and Holistic Longevity Appointments at the Wellness Clinic.

Two master classes will take place in the Harrods auditorium during June:

15th June: Turn back time with your epigenetic clocks – hosted by Dr. Semira Gonseth Nusslé, specialist of epigenetic signatures that measure the impact of lifestyle on biological age, and Olga Donica, Head of longevity, innovation and nutrition at Clinique La Prairie: guests will learn how to unlock a younger biological age and discover how their environment and lifestyle can affect their genes and therefore the way they age

19th June: What does Detox mean? -  hosted by Olga Donica, guests will be taken through what they need to know about detoxes and cleanses, and what they should do and eat to support their liver and kidney’s detox functions

The master classes can be booked online on the Harrods News & Events page.

Following this, available between 26th June and 1st July, 2023, the Wellness Clinic will offer clients the opportunity to enjoy, exclusively at Harrods, Holistic Health experiences with Swiss experts from Clinique La Prairie. During this time, the clinic will launch a brand-new proprietary assessment, delivering an individual “CLP Holistic Score” to design hyper-personalized nutrition protocols and tailored wellbeing plans.

On the exclusive capsule menu is:

- A 90-min Nutri-longevity consultation with Clinique La Prairie’s Nutritionist, which includes the CLP Holistic Score assessment, tailored expert plans for healthy nutrition and overall wellbeing, and 2-month pioneering Holistic Health Age-Defy supplements.

The CLP Holistic Health assessment includes analysis of blood pressure, body composition, metabolism and heavy metals screening, to deliver an individual “CLP Holistic Score”.

Harrods will also showcase Holistic Health supplements pop-ups at two locations, at the Wellness Clinic from 15th June to 15th July and in the lobby adjacent to the store’s iconic main Beauty Hall from 22nd June to 5th July, where customers can drop in for discovering the cutting-edge range of Clinique La Prairie’s Longevity routines scientifically proven to slow down the ageing process.

Clinique La Prairie’s Holistic Health are advanced longevity supplements which target cellular health, working on slowing down the hallmarks of aging. They act on cellular pathways and energy related metabolic mechanisms. These next generation nutraceuticals aim to enhance optimal health and performance, therefore shaping longevity and wellbeing.

“We are deeply honoured to be launching our Holistic Health range to Harrods, such an extraordinary and exclusive destination,” said Simone Gibertoni, CEO of Clinique La Prairie and co-founder of Holistic Health. “Drawing on decades of expertise in longevity, this range of nutraceuticals has been developed to support the cornerstones of wellbeing and provide clients with the benefit of Clinique La Prairie’s expertise outside of the clinic. Our scientific study with Life Length Laboratories proved that using Holistic Health supplements as part of a healthy lifestyle can mitigate the negative effects of aging and contribute to longevity, allowing people to unlock their life to its fullest potential.”

For more information or to book an exclusive experience email [email protected] or [email protected].

Prices for the Wellness Clinic experiences start from £900.

Clinique La Prairie’s Holistic Health supplements will also be permanently stocked at Harrods Wellness Clinic, and customers who purchase in June and July will receive a complimentary sample of 10-day Energy supplements.