Alone, together: Dsquared2 explores companionship, independence, and fluidity with its latest campaign for Spring 2023.
Images: Courtesy of DSQUARED2

For the campaign, the brand reunites with creative director Giovanni Bianco and director Mario Sorrenti, frequent collaborators who continue to bring the Dsquared2 vision to bold and colorful life.

Pairing vibrant color portraits of lone figures side-by-side with intimate black-and-white photographs of couples, the imagery unfolds as a fluid visual dialogue that questions binary opposites. Captured against jewel-tone backdrops, the color photographs emphasize the bright spirit of the collection, which looks to 70s surf movements, beachside bohemianism, and retro pop-culture optimism for its inspiration. Taking in with a vivid chromatic eye the styling that layers together the graphic boldness of vintage sportswear, earthy craft, and sparkling, iridescent elegance, these portraits cast their eclectic and youthful protagonists as liberated, boundary-defying style icons.

Meanwhile, the black-and-white couple portraits offer another distinct perspective on this ethos of decadent freedom that is at once more intimate and bolder. The expressive characters embrace, lean on and support one another, or hold hands - all while turned toward the camera’s frank gaze with quiet confidence, balancing introspection and openness.

Supported by the rich textural interplay of the multilayered styling, these distinct personae that are wholly individual become even stronger in their togetherness, charging the images with a celebration of free love and the power to choose.

Taken together, these dual approaches of vibrant expressiveness and monochromatic intimacy form a visual conversation that reaches across the confines of picture and page and fills the deceptively simple studio minimalism with a striking expression of Dsquared2’s values: self-expression, youth, dynamism, and freedom.



Directed by Mario Sorrenti @ArtPartner

Creative Director: Giovanni Bianco @GB65

Starring: Abény Nhial, Greta Hofer, Fernando Casablancas, Thatcher Thornton, Javo Raiden

Make Up Artist: Kanako Takase @ Streeters

Hair Artist: Ward Stegerhoek @HomeAgency

Manicurist: Honey @ExposureNY