Delvaux FW23 Collection Presented at Paris Fashion Week

Join us on a grand tour guided by curiosity and desire. Delvaux’s Fall-Winter 2023 collection is dedicated to the idea of a journey driven by architecture, design and the timeless over the ephemeral.
Photo: Courtesy of Delvaux

Set in a magnificent 19th Century Parisian hôtel particulier, the seasonal presentation is envisioned as a progression through the House’s design continuum. The pathway connecting the past to the present, evoking the column-lined roads of ancient Rome, winds through each facet of Delvaux’s sensory world. Obsession with craft, tactile materials and state of the art construction evolve each handbag beyond pure functionality to become a coveted object of unexpected desire.

The first chapter exalts the pillars of Delvaux — the finest materials, superlative design and savoir-faire recontextualized with divergent details. Two of our emblematic silhouettes, the Brillant and Pin, are reimagined in robust gray felt with contrast leather trim in a palette of Brandy, Aloe and Honey. Presented on marble columns, the new designs elevate the humble nature of felt to the noble. During a brief pitstop into a universe of soothing naturalistic elements, the Brillant L’XXL by Jean Colonna makes its comeback in the most supple and cloud-like leather yet.

Photo: Courtesy of Delvaux

Back on the road we push into the next chapter, where Belgian artist Ben Storms’ sculptural metallic pillows are stacked into columns to reflect the tension between supple femininity and brazen embellishment. The Brillant, Tempête and Pin shine in new textures and sizes.

The final chapter finds our hero, the delightful supple Tempête XL Fly, traveling a road made in literal felt – its yellow leather line morphing into the Vagabond collection’s brightly colored small leather goods. Lined on either side by travertine columns, this scenic open road leads to endless possibilities, its destination open and unknown.

The Fall-Winter 2023 collection is defined by the spirit of liberation intrinsic to Delvaux’s heritage. The inventor of the leather handbag, patented in 1908, was a defining landmark in modern history. The original design tenet remains ever relevant to the House’s core: the handbag is a tool for modern travel. To carry a Delvaux bag is to be out of this world. The collection translates this notion into a range of styles, sizes and materials that transcend trends and conventions of gender. Delvaux bags are for everyone on every path.


Photo: Courtesy of Delvaux