Dior: “We Should All Be Feminists”

Dior has presented Her Dior: Maria Grazia Chiuri's New Voice

“We Should All Be Feminists”* brandishes, on its cover, the iconic t-shirt Maria Grazia Chiuri designed for her very first show, as a veritable symbol of her commitment. Exploring the power and acuity of the female gaze, this new work, an anthology of dazzling images, is an ode to

self-affirmation and to the beauty of cultures and couture — like so many banners of freedom.

Entitled Her Dior: Maria Grazia Chiuri’s New Voice, this anthology celebrates thirty-three women photographers, among them Brigitte Niedermair, Sarah Moon, Bettina Rheims, Lean Lui, Maya Goded, Julia Hetta and Janette Beckman. In images** combining portraiture and captivating decors, abstraction and chiaroscuro, these contemporary personalities sublimate manifesto-collections by the Creative Director, who has worked with other women continually throughout her campaigns and various artistic dialogues.

Through this committed passion, she renews her ardent support for those female artists who make our perceptions evolve, using their talent to capture the stylistic essence of the House and create fascinating compositions, each one a singular reflection of an interpretation of the feminine,

plural. In this sensitive volume, punctuated by the emblematic, militant phrases that have accentuated both shows and seasons, flourishes an expression of the world’s richness and fashion’s raison d’être.

Perpetuating these multiple visions, this book published by Rizzoli New York will be unveiled on International Women’s Day, as a striking homage to the diversity of beauty.

* After the title of an essay published in 2014 by the writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

** Published notably in Dior Magazine, I-D, Tank and Purple.