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Diptyque Presents a Flamboyant Holiday Collection for The Festive Season

To celebrate the magic of the flame, Diptyque invites you to view this radiant, intangible phenomenon in a new light.
Photo: Courtesy of Diptyque

We’ve taken flame as our central motif and conveyed it in the form of calligrams composed of the poetic definition of flame from the Encyclopédie des Lumières (“Encyclopaedia of the Enlightenment”) in 1751. A veritable magic formula chosen by Diptyque to invoke the flame: “Thus is called that subtle, light, luminous, and glowing body that is seen rising above the surface of objects that are burning”.

Flame – the very soul of the Maison – conquers as much as it reveals. It is mighty, yet delicate and fragile. Flame transmits scent, sets the imagination free to roam, and encourages dreams to emerge and thrive. To contemplate a flame is to be called on to experience the emotion of a perfumed moment – when light is transmuted into perfume. Dancing, filled with life, it plays its part, like the art of drawing that Diptyque values so highly, in the discovery of perfumes, their stories, and the process of formulating them.

Clad entirely in extravagant swirls, the collection conceived for the holidays delivers a uniquely special look that will surprise and enchant. With a multiplicity of creations and choice gifts for those in search of the perfect present, it offers a broad selection of scented and decorative objects conducive to conviviality, happiness, and the joy of sharing moments spent together. From special limited editions of the indispensable classic candle, to the smallest gift to the most extraordinary, our holiday season collection is sure to anticipate and satisfy the inclinations and desires of each and every individual in sparkling, spirited style.

Photo: Courtesy of Diptyque

Topping the list of prospective presents are three new limited edition classic candles, their vessels decorated with colored, black, and golden flames. These resplendent reinterpretations of scents so evocative of wintertime possess unique olfactory qualities. The fresh, delicate perfume of the Sapin (Pine Tree) candle brings back warm memories of the tree itself, newly arrived in your home and promptly festooned with garlands. The Délice (Delight) candle, with its dried fruit and vanilla accords, offers the certain promise of a festive, mouthwatering moment. And finally, the Coton (Cotton) candle, which uses the smoothness of tonka bean to olfactively render the softness of cotton, wrapping you in a gentle winter embrace.

Baies | Photo: Courtesy of Diptyque

Another special year’s end guest is the giant Baies (Berries) candle, a fitting celebration of the iconic scent that embodies the very soul of Diptyque. The format is truly exceptional: a full five kilos of wax and nine wicks, like a dancing procession of flames. It’s a compelling, captivating sight, housed in a vessel enamelled in deep matte black and embossed with the Maison’s emblematic oval.

L’Eau Papier eau de toilette | Photo: Courtesy of Diptyque

A highly acclaimed newcomer to Diptyque’s range of personal fragrances is L’Eau Papier eau de toilette. This festive season, it comes in a limited edition featuring an illustration decorated in gold and detailed with a subtle, transparent relief, affording a view into the nuances of ink on paper.

Diptyque Set of Three Scented Candles 3x70g | Photo: Courtesy of Diptyque
Diptyque Do Son Hair Mist and Eau de Parfum 2x30ml | Photo: Courtesy of Diptyque

Finally, to round off the collection with originality, a variety of generous, inspirational gift boxes and gift bags containing candles is the classic candle gift set. A symbolic return to our roots, brings an inventive conclusion to the sixtieth anniversary of our emblematic candle, created in 1963, and now the icon of Diptyque.

Diptyque Set of Five Scented Candles 5x35g | Photo: Courtesy of Diptyque

Promising festivities as bright and jubilant as the dancing flames that decorate it, this collection is an incandescent celebration of sixty years of the classic candle. A tribute to the Diptyque flame – a symbol of conviviality and the pleasure of getting together, heightening joyful moments with the flamboyance of its scents, inviting us to admire and share it, over and over again.

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