Dolce&Gabbana 2023 Lunar New Year Special Collection

Dolce&Gabbana released the 2023 Lunar New Year Special Collection honoring the Chinese astrological calendar that this year celebrates the Rabbit.
Courtesy of Dolce&Gabbana

Nature, a source of energy and the soul of all beings, enhances the aesthetic of the Special Collection that sees the rabbit and daffodils, symbols of spring and renaissance, as key elements, a new take on limitless vitality.

In the eastern culture, the Rabbit embodies kindness, trust and good luck, while daffodils resilience. Inspired by such spirit, Dolce&Gabbana presents the creative short movie “Flower Between Rocks”: navigating the wilderness, boys and girls discover the strength of flowers that grow between rocks creating a lively nature scene.

The defining feature of daffodils evokes the transition between the real world and a virtual scenery: the sun shines on the lake weaving a beautiful spring daydream; boys and girls play happily.

Flowers between rocks, rabbits, the vitality of nature and the wonder of imagination collide to create a lovely environment of infinite charm, the best and warmest landscape for the Lunar New Year.

Blooming floral prints express a free spirit of romance. The Special Collection evolves around three tones: the iconic black, pink and blush pink. On them, the white rabbit, surrounded by delicate floral elements, leaps onto brocade, chiffon, charmeuse, twill, jersey and popeline. Also, the iconic polka dots meet with the white rabbit nestled in a lush field of vibrant flowers. The rabbit highlights the accessories as well: scarves, hats with ears, small floral bijoux and the DG DAILY shopping bag are paired with sandals decorated with foulard details. The Collection also includes the Airmaster sneaker, developed in specific the colors, as well as the new Portofino decorated with bunny details.

Additionally, to celebrate the Year of the Rabbit, the brand is launching the WeChat mini game “Reduplicate Fortune With Rabbit” so that users can explore the designs of the Special Collection and immerse themselves in the fun of the holiday season.

The Lunar New Year Special Collection will be available on as well as on selected boutiques starting from December 26th.