Dubai-based AUTONOMIE® launches new collection, The Tower

Blending the sense of the individual versus the collective, AUTONOMIE® is a Dubai-based brand making waves in the fashion world. Founded in 2020 by Cairo native, Maha Ahmed, AUTONOMIE was created with a simple ambition: to help all walks of life access stunning, wearable works of art that accentuate their own style.
From left: Flannel Dress, Purple Pufferjacket | Courtesy of AUTONOMIE®

The brand focuses on stories of the individual – or the autonome in French – and the independent entity that is the human-being, all while neglecting restraints of space and time. Through her collections, 29-year-old fashion designer, Maha Ahmed, tells a new story, explores a philosophy or a concept.

AUTONOMIE introduces its new collection for 2023 - The Tower

The collection is inspired by The Tower card in tarot which symbolizes sudden upheaval and unexpected change, and stands for life-changing and challenging events. A Tower represents an unpredictable, unavoidable event, like leaping off a tower unprepared; and after destruction comes renewal and creation.

By combining flannels, quilts, and nylon fabrics together and choosing elongated silhouettes that resemble towers, The Tower collection evokes a sudden change. It's a combination of earthy colours with brick prints, rich greens, and yellows that symbolise a resurfacing after The Tower.

Puffer Jacket and Flannel Pants | Courtesy of AUTONOMIE®

The new collection explores changes by focusing on multi-functional pieces like an interchangeable sleeve top, which not only makes the collection versatile, but also gives it infinite styling possibilities.

Drawing on her own life experiences, Maha designed her collections like The Tower for those with perseverance, who against unimaginable odds, turn their dreams into reality. The AUTONOMIE woman is bold and social. She’s an extravert who also enjoys her own company with a sense of belonging while wanting to remain unique.

“My ‘never give up’ mantra often manifests itself in AUTONOMIE collections. I have experienced how easy it can be to fall into the mundane trap of making a living rather than actually living your life,” says Maha Ahmed, Creative Director and Founder of AUTONOMIE.

“It’s a situation many face. This is why every story creates a sense of collectiveness to reinforce that we are not alone. Regardless of who you are, where you are from or what you do, we are all united with our core that is simply human – an ability to relate to one another.”

Autonomie’s new collection The Tower collection is currently available online for pre-order at

Flannel Jacket and Yellow Pants | Courtesy of AUTONOMIE®
Monotone Yellow | Courtesy of AUTONOMIE®
Interchangeable Top | Courtesy of AUTONOMIE®
Two-Toned Dress | Courtesy of AUTONOMIE®