Elegant Simplicity: INFINITI’s QX60 Design Delivers Timeless Sophistication

For centuries, the islands of Japan have had a certain mysticism surrounding them, beckoning travelers from all corners of the globe to explore its treasures. Its enchanting allure has captured the imagination, influencing the country’s art, fashion, literature, and design. The unique blend of minimalist aesthetics, meticulous attention to detail, and unparalleled craftsmanship in turn have led to timeless characteristics that have permeated countless industries over the years, where Japanese brands have created some of the most innovative and iconic products of all time.

One such brand that has been heavily influenced by its Japanese heritage is INFINITI, which, since its inception has developed cars that feature elegant simplicity, refined sophistication, and unmatched artistry. The brand’s latest model, the QX60 stands out as a hallmark of automotive design, culminating in everything unique about the islands.

With a nod to the rich traditions of Japanese craftsmanship, the INFINITI QX60 effortlessly blends these elements into a stunning work of art. Every curve, line, and surface has been attentively crafted to create a clean and refined appearance. The vehicle's streamlined profile exudes understated elegance, with smooth contours that create an enduring appeal. From the signature double-arch grille, with folds mimicking the art of origami, to the sleek, kimono-fold details in the  LED headlights and taillights, every element is thoughtfully integrated to achieve aesthetic harmony.

Drawing inspiration from Tadao Ando's architectural designs, the INFINITI QX60 explores the interplay of shapes to create a compelling use of light. Ando is famous for his mastery of using light and shadow to shape his designs, and the QX60 pays homage to this philosophy. The sculpted surfaces and cleverly positioned lines reflect light in hypnotic ways, adding visual depth to the car's exterior. The interplay of light on the vehicle's body creates an ever-changing visual experience that is dynamic and captivating.

The INFINITI QX60 further pays tribute to the design philosophy of Kengo Kuma, known for his ability to seamlessly merge form and function in his designs. The car's aerodynamic contours optimize efficiency and performance, while the precise placement of air vents ensures proper airflow to the engine.  The balance of form and function extends to the interior as well, with every aspect of the cabin designed to provide maximum comfort and convenience without compromising style.

The interior is a masterclass in craftsmanship and attention to detail, almost mimicking the precision of a katana blade by a master swordsman. Premium materials like the available open-pore wood trim add warmth to the space, with both the driver and passengers surrounded by a luxurious and tranquil environment, reflecting the principles of omotenashi—Japanese hospitality. The seats are wrapped in soft leather, taking inspiration from the ripples in water, with a panoramic moonroof flooding the cabin with natural light to create an open and airy atmosphere.

INFINITI even applied a unique color, Moonbow Blue, which draws inspiration from Japanese nature. As a natural phenomenon that occurs during full moons, the color of a moonbow is created when moonlight is refracted through droplets of water, such as the wake of a waterfall, representing a moody, majestic, and magical tinge. By combining shades of blue, grey, lilac and light magenta all at once, INFINITI developed a color that captures this, extending beyond the vehicle, in turn blurring the boundaries of art, design and technology to reimagine how colors are looked at.

The INFINITI QX60 is more than just a car; it is a testament to the artistry of automotive design, a balance of form and function, with Japanese design DNA at its core. It is the culmination of decades of delicate artistry and Zen philosophy that seeks to find beauty, and harmony in every aspect of daily life. Effectively it is a reminder of the enduring power of history, tradition and culture and its impact on shaping the world around us.