Elevate Your Perfume Game with Aesop's Eau De Parfum

Aesop’s Hwyl Eau de Parfum and Tacit Eau de Parfum are all you need this week to elevate your perfume game.


Aesop’s Hwyl Eau de Parfum was formulated in partnership with French perfumer Barnabe Filion, and opens with beguiling smoky notes, followed by rich aromas of wood, moss and robust spices.

‘My inspiration for Hwyl Eau de Parfum was sparked by walking amongst the remarkable 300-year-old Hiba trees in an ancient Japanese forest and experiencing the country’s lush temple moss gardens.’ Mr Fillion said.

Hwyl’s smoky introduction folds in aromatic spices and fresh Thyme Extract. The addition of Cypress leads to a warm and woody heart, while the notes of Vetiver Extract, Frankincense and moss effect an earthy sensuality and longevity.

PRICE |50 ML | 460 AED


Aesop’s Tacit Eau de Parfum was formulated in collaboration with perfumer Celine Barel. It was born of two key inspirations: the fresh notes found in traditional colognes; and the Mediterranean coast, for its culture, topography, and fragile, perfumed vegetation.

Remarkable for its innovative construction, the formula blends refined ingredients sourced from around the globe, including Vetiver Heart, whose distillation process cleans the aromatic root of its earthy aspect. In keeping with Aesop’s aesthetic preferences and Barel’s flair of innovation, Tacit is at once familiar in its Yuzu-inspired citrus notes and distinctly contemporary in liberal use of Basil Grand Vert, which lends subtle warmth with delicately spiced undertones of Clove. 

PRICE |50 ML | 420 AED

Available at or the WhatsApp number (+971 50 493 3768) and for physical stores, Aesop Dubai Mall and Aesop Mall of the Emirates.