Elhanati: Secretly Wild

Black Orchid — the latest collection from Elhanati
Photo: Courtesy of Elhanati

Orit Elhanati’s work is built on contrast, the contrast between extravagance and calmness, dripping gold and the purity of straight lines and order. Creating space for herself within design, art, and fashion, she sits with the idea of impermanence, an inclination towards the strange through her wild imagination, mixing both the make-believe and her earliest childhood emotions, the memories spent between Denmark and Israel.

Elhanati presented its latest collection, Black Orchid, during Copenhagen Fashion Week. An unassuming mix of black spinels and diamonds, utterly at odds with expectations, mixing the inherently precious diamonds with the most under-appreciated gem in fine jewelry, the spinel creating a juxtaposition never seen before and sending us back to the bohemian era in Paris.

ELHANATI 18ct Yellow Gold and Black Spinel, Romantika Necklace | Photo: Courtesy of Elhanati

The collection consists of twelve necklaces, three bracelets, four anklets, and six earrings. One of the most requested pieces being the extravagant spinel heart on a simple velvet choker, a creation at the center of the body, the heart being the tether of the emotions representing both the irreverent and transcendental love pulsing through the body. A refined yet secretly wild collection filled with symbols and motifs, where some might wear a religious symbol, the Black Orchid Collection is symbolic of worshipping the woman through the finest adornments and all her complexities that only she herself is able to reconcile, creating the magic that is the woman.

Orit created the collection as a reaction to the chaos around her and in the world, with the rising prices in gold, it was time to challenge herself creatively in a new form, working through the chaos with her hands throwing in nostalgic elements of a glamorous Middle Eastern childhood and the order and purity of her Copenhagen surroundings | @elhanati_


* This story by Tanja Beljanski first appeared in the December 2022 issue of L'Officiel Arabia.