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Emporio Armani Menswear Spring Summer 24: The Essence of the Night

Explore the allure and sophistication of Emporio Armani's Menswear Spring Summer 24 collection, capturing the essence of the night in every detail.
Photo: Courtesy of Emporio Armani

Moonlight glints over a seascape, parched rocks and desert scenes. Darkness spreads, diluted by a light that makes surfaces oily and shimmering. This collection is a return to the essence of Emporio Armani, purified to the core and seen through the filter of moonlight. A dry yet vibrant romanticism moves between the extreme east and a hypothetical North Africa. And yet these are the only traces, imperceptible echoes inspired by fluid forms, of pure and elemental energy. Exoticism fades, transfigured by the night effect of garments designed to flow at all hours, because the evening is a way of life, and it is possible to shine in daytime too. The palette is contracted and compact: white, sand, black, mixed together or deployed in monochrome. The space between body and dress is alive and pulsating, made of liquid lines that barely touch the muscles: robe jackets, long duster coats, very wide trousers and sleeveless tunics, as well as embroideres sweaters, shorts and blazers. Shoes with solid soles and bags with shiny surfaces complete the silhouette. In this taut, sensual play of reduction, the only recurring motif - in print, jacquard, and jewellery - is a stylised Ginkgo. With a history of 250 million years and the ability to adapt to both eras and environments, here the Ginkgo is a symbol of elegance and endurance, a metaphor for a style at once timely and timeless.

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Photos: Courtesy of Emporio Armani