Enchant Your Way Through Summer With ELIE SAAB's Floral Elixir

The House of ELIE SAAB introduced an enchanting chapter with the launch of a new women’s line.
Photo: Courtesy of ELIE SAAB

After Le Parfum, an iconic tribute to light, and Girl of Now, the sparkling and joyful fragrance, the House of ELIE SAAB explores the most sensual facet of femininity.

Women's beauty, the eternal inspiration of the designer Elie Saab, is once again enhanced by this new fragrance, as fascinating and charming as a love potion.

This new floral is a sparkling elixir capturing the magical and captivating sensuality of women.

ELIE SAAB ELIXIR is the new signature of absolute femininity.


Since its creation, the House of ELIE SAAB has paid tribute to women’s beauty and aura. The designer's couture creations are all imbued with exceptional sophistication and make women feel like true queens.

With the launch of the new ELIXIR fragrance franchise, the House of ELIE SAAB is once again offering a moment of exception.

Light and fabulous elegance are still at the heart of this new olfactory creation but the emphasis is on the solar sensuality of women and their incredible power of seduction.

The new ELIXIR franchise conjures a captivating woman who wears her femininity with ease.

Photo: Courtesy of ELIE SAAB


Known for its magical power, an ELIXIR charms and bewitches…

The new ELIE SAAB franchise’s name is a tribute to the love potion myth and its mysterious and enchanting universe.

The first letters of ELIXIR evokes the name of ELIE SAAB as a way to unite the House’s patrimony with this suggestive name.


A new magnetic universe

As night is about to fall, the day stretches out and colors the sky with a palette of incandescent lights… Blue, orange and dark red tones shimmer in thousands of fiery hues.

In a brief, unreal and magical moment, when the stars begin to twinkle, a twilight ray passes through a crystal dome whose intertwined lines draw the emblem of the House of ELIE SAAB.

Under this illuminated vault, stands a woman of supernatural beauty. A magnetic and deeply voluptuous aura surrounds her.

Behind her, the sunset makes her gown glow with a fiery red light. Created exclusively for the campaign, this sumptuous red dress is entirely paved with glittering sequins and crystals. Breathtaking couture piece, it fits the curves of this magnificent enchantress.

In this love temple, she holds in the palm of her hand a scintillating bottle.

A perfume with an incredible power of attraction, an elixir with an intoxicating floral scent…

The new ELIXIR campaign is shot by the rising star of photography, Dan Beleiu, who is especially praised for his work with light and color.

Photo: Courtesy of ELIE SAAB

A new captivating muse

To embody this eminently sensual woman, the House of ELIE SAAB chose Candice Swanepoel, one of the most emblematic supermodels of her generation.

The South African with the angelic blond and sculptural silhouette has been modeling for ELIE SAAB since her debut and knows since an incredible international career.

Acclaimed top model, mother, business woman, Candice Swanepoel is also committed to environmental preservation. She represents the ELIE SAAB woman, elegant and assertive, whose aura and softness naturally captivate.

Candice Swanepoel perfectly portrays the ELIXIR woman that she imagines as "feminine, confident, beautiful, comfortable with her body, happy and in love."

Photos: Courtesy of ELIE SAAB


For this new eau de parfum, the duo of perfumers Aurélien Guichard and Jérôme Di Marino sign a particularly sensual fragrance.

Inspired by the sophistication of the House of ELIE SAAB, the two perfumers imagined the new fragrance ELIXIR as the love potion of a powerful, determined and confident woman.

ELIXIR is a sumptuous oriental floral bouquet whose every facets evoke the haute couture creations.  The search of a  perfect balance between architectural rigor and fabulous dream is at the core of ELIXIR olfactory identity.

The iris at the heart of the note is inspired by the Cedretti iris, a variety that blooms in the cedar region of Lebanon. The note is intensified thanks to the “love accord”, an accord created exclusively for ELIXIR which reproduces by stimulation a very strong feeling of attachment and seduction. The marriage between iris’ opulent florality and the “love accord” results in a deliciously addictive note.

This particularly seductive heart is illuminated by a radiant duo of Lebanese Neroli and Italian Mandarin.

A carnal accord, with amber and balsam tones of Myrrh and Benzoin, warms the note while a vanilla and musk accord unfold the infinite sensuality of this fragrance.

ELIXIR offers a trail of intense femininity and captures the essence of pure sensuality.

Photo: Courtesy of ELIE SAAB


To enclose this deliciously mysterious elixir, ELIE SAAB unveils a new bottle, designed by Sylvie De France.

Imagined as the love potion of this magnetic woman, the bottle of the new perfume ELIXIR is a sphere with a faceted base with curves that fit the palm of the hand. The roundness of the bottle is inspired by the pomegranate, whose color and red juice are a call to passion.

The monogram of the House of ELIE SAAB is engraved on the bottle, allowing the light to reflect in a myriad of shades.

The golden hood is also stamped with the monogram and the baguette diamond motif for an elegant touch of couture.

The name of the House of ELIE SAAB is also engraved along the golden collar.

The name of the fragrance is inscribed on the bottle in an intense and luminous burgundy red that echoes Candice Swanepoel's dress.

Finally, ELIXIR's ecru white case is a tribute to the House's couture dresses. The textured paper was conceived as a fabric in movement and recalls the vibration of the folds of a dress.

The red monogram on the outer pack creates a striking color contrast. At last, discrete touches of gold finish off the light.