Etika Jewels: 6 Timeless Rings to Say ‘I Do’

Etika Jewels’ New Ring Collection Marries Love and Sustainability to Create Unforgettable Pieces
Photo: Courtesy of Etika Jewels

Etika Jewels’ newest ring collection makes for the perfect token of love for this proposal season. With industry trends indicating that more customers are looking for statement rings, this new collection from Etika Jewels makes for the perfect selection for a showstopping proposal. Intertwining love and sustainability, this collection is perfect for those who want to have a token that represents the all-encompassing of love not just for each other but also the planet.  Each lab grown diamond is IGI Certified and of the finest quality (F+VS+). Additionally, each piece from Etika Jewels is made to order and are available with choices of diamond size and in a range of golden hues - classic yellow, pristine white, or romantic rose gold.

Below, a selection of rings from the new collection:

Photo: Courtesy of Etika Jewels

Dalal - Elongated Emerald Split Diamond Ring

This standout piece from the collection features an iconic emerald-cut diamond in the centre, accentuated by an 18K gold split band adorned with half pavé diamonds. The ultra-elongated step cut exudes classic glamour, while the distinctive split shank introduces a contemporary element. Dalal is an Arabic term that symbolizes kindness and consideration, and this is reflected in its design.

Photo: Courtesy of Etika Jewels

Nora - Radiant Diamond Ring

This piece from the collection features the seamless halo setting, which is known for its ability to accentuate a gem's brilliance, size, and appearance and accentuates the stone’s sparkle. The term Nora in Arabic refers to light and brightness and features a radiant cut diamond as the centerpiece. The ring combines ageless elegance and modern innovation and is set in 18K Gold with half pavé diamonds and double halos.

Photo: Courtesy of Etika Jewels


The intricately designed Ghalia ring is Etika Jewels’ own take on the iconic 3-row micro pavé diamond band design. Meaning 'precious' or 'dear' in Arabic, Ghalia is a celebration of meticulous design. With a brilliant oval-cut lab diamond as the centrepiece, accentuated by double hidden halos set under prongs and double-prong settings. The 1.7mm thin 18K gold band, adorned with three rows of micro pavé diamonds, delicately hand-crafted and set intricately set to stand the test of time. In both one-tone and two-tone gold settings, it effortlessly fuses timeless allure with contemporary flair.

Photo: Courtesy of Etika Jewels


The Jamila ring is an ode to the gemstone engagement trend that has captured the modern jewellery scene. True to its name, i.e. 'beautiful' in Arabic, the ring features a vibrant green pear-shaped lab-grown emerald and is set in 18K solid gold and surrounded by a diamond halo with semi pavé on its band. This ring is unique take on the traditional diamond engagement ring, with the addition of the emerald symbolizing rebirth and love.

Photo: Courtesy of Etika Jewels

Five-Stone Oval Diamond Band

The Five-Stone Oval Diamond Band is an intersection of classic design with modern flexibility. This ring features five sparkling diamonds in oval, round, or emerald cut, as preferred, and set in 18K solid gold. Embodying timeless elegance and comfort, it makes for the perfect complement next to a solitaire. Additionally, the durable ring is easy to resize making it perfect for a busy lifestyle.

Photo: Courtesy of Etika Jewels

Multi-Row Open Diamond & Emerald Ring

This luxurious piece is a perfect selection for those who opt for pieces that are delicate, yet also make a statement, by combining both diamonds and emeralds to create a unique ring. The 18K gold ring features four open-ended attached bands, each adorned with radiant diamonds and emeralds. | @etika_jewels