Etika Jewels: Guide to the Perfect Neck-Mess

The beloved “Neck-Mess” trend of strategically layering necklaces has been sweeping the fashion and social media world by storm. It is no secret that a set of tastefully layered necklaces can instantly upgrade a look. The best way to achieve this look is by incorporating a diverse collection of necklaces that vary in length and in texture.
Photo: Courtesy of Etika Jewels

Founded by Basma Chaieri in 2022 in UAE, Etika Jewels® is an online-based jewelry retailer that offers everyday modern jewelry designs made from lab-grown and sustainable diamonds and gemstones. It offers a wide range of necklaces ranging from maximalist to minimalist, from various ethically sourced, lab grown diamonds, and has a range of necklaces that can help you achieve the perfect ‘neck-mess’. Here are a few tips on creating a stunning and unique combination of layered necklaces:

5 Diamond Charm Necklace by Etika Jewels


The main idea of a ‘neck-mess’ is to incorporate a wide variety of pieces, and it can be a great way to establish one’s own personal style. A great starting point are the pieces that are worn daily and have a personal connection to the wearer, and then built by adding necklaces of different lengths, textures, and with different pendants. Having a few staple pieces is key to creating a standout curation of layered necklaces.


Mixing and matching a variety of pendants can be a great way to add some flair and personality. Etika Jewels has a wide selection of pendants ranging from the Palm Tree pendant, the Diamond Hamsa pendant, the Angel Wings pendant, and the Zodiac pendant among others to add a unique and whimsical twist to your layered creations. For those who prefer a bit more minimalistic look, Etika’s Three Stones Diamond pendant, Emerald Pendant, the Round Halo, Solitaire, Pear Diamond, and Floating Heart Necklaces are all great choices.


A variety of textures and styles can form a neck-mess look that is extremely eye-catching and an ideal complement to the overall look. Etika Jewels has a wide selection of textures to choose from such as the Emerald in Link Chain Necklace, Diamond in Cuban Necklace, adding an element of bold elegance. Combining these with dainty necklaces like the Diamonds and Green Emeralds Necklace among others, like the 5 Diamonds Charm Necklace are the perfect way to create a chic look that unites both minimalism and maximalism.

While it may seem intimidating at first, anyone can sport a layered look by incorporating different elements in a way that is personal and unique to the wearer and showcases their individuality. Etika Jewels is the perfect style addition for the modern woman, as each piece is designed to make the perfect addition to any look, with minimal effort. | @etika_jewels


* This story by L'Officiel Arabia first appeared in the November 2022 issue of L'Officiel Arabia.