Etika Jewels: Jeweller Has Shared Everything You Need to Know About 2023 Jewellery Trends

Explore the latest trends in jewelry for 2023 with Etika Jewels. From timeless classics to modern styles, discover the insights shared by this renowned jeweler.
Basma Chaieri, Founder of Etika Jewels

Jewellery has long been a staple in any closet. From subtle everyday pieces to bold statement pieces, the right bejewelled accessory has become a key aspect of a stylish and glamorous look, regardless of occasion. For 2023, Basma Chaieri, founder of Etika Jewels, has shared her prediction for the jewellery industry this year. There are quite a few exciting trends, including timeless pieces with classic cuts or vibrant, maximalist designs that are instrumental in creating a bold and expressive look. Additionally, with the increased focus on mindful and sustainable consumption means that ethically sourced gems are on the rise. The jewellery trends for 2023 are centred around glamour, sharp design, and sophisticated details. Here are some of the most prominent jewellery trends for 2023:

Versatile Jewellery Pieces:

Pieces that can equally elevate a daytime outfit to a chic evening look are looking to be an essential for 2023. Investing in versatile pieces that complement a multitude of looks and occasions are a great choice for not only 2023, but beyond. A suitable pair of diamond earrings, for instance, Etika Jewels’ Diamond Teardrop Earrings can be paired with sweaters, dresses or even button-downs, for a touch of effortless and sharp sophistication to any look.

Tennis Jewellery:

A selection of tennis bracelets and necklaces are every fashionista’s go-to for a quick infusion of sparkle to any outfit in 2023.  They can be worn on their own or combined with other pieces on hand to create a combination that is unique to the wearer. Taking Etika Jewels’ 6CT Classic Diamond Tennis Bracelet as an example, which showcases the general trend of a youthful approach to jewellery styling for this year. Additionally, opting for sophisticated classic cuts or fancy cuts while selecting tennis jewellery is a great way to create a fun yet methodical look.

Statement Pieces:

The resurgence of the 80s in 2023, and subsequently the maximalism that defined the era, means that statement pieces like Diamond Hoops are here to stay. A nod to the vibrant disco era and its unapologetic glamour, Diamond Hoops are the perfect chic complement to multiple looks. Apart from diamond hoops, statement rings, bracelets and necklaces are not only celebrity street style faves, but also the simplest way to curate a multidimensional look that is glamorous and captivating.

Mindful Consumption:

Today, more individuals are taking care of the planet by partaking in sustainable living, and are being mindful of consumption and the type of products they invest in. There is a rising demand for lab-grown jewellery as they have a minimal impact on the planet and are sourced and crafted sustainably and ethically. With an array of timeless, standout pieces for every kind of taste, it is no surprise that lab-grown diamonds are taking the jewellery world by storm. | @etika_jewels