Experience The Non-Surgical Hair Regeneration Treatment At Ouronyx

Combining science and art to provide a revolutionary approach to hair regeneration

With a mission to redefine the medical beauty space, Ouronyx, known to offer a range of non-surgical treatments, has introduced micrografting technology for hair regeneration at their Downtown Dubai location. Using a psychology-led consultation process and state-of-the-art machines, Ouronyx's world-leading doctors have a bespoke approach setting the gold standard for best practice, patient care and results for the region.

In general, humans shed between 50 to 100 single hairs per day and both men and women struggle with hair loss and thinning. As people begin to experience hair loss, they are left with very few alternatives, with the only treatments available sometimes being very expensive or tedious. The micrografting technology is approved by foremost health regulatory authorities internationally because of its all-natural procedure needing minimal downtime. The hair regeneration treatment is recommended for both men and women who experience hair thinning, early hair loss and a decrease in their hair volume.

Men can experience hair thinning as early as their late 20s, and by mid 30s, may even have balding symptoms. Almost all hair loss in men is a result of male-pattern baldness - a genetic trait, but other causes can include medication, illness, or stress. It is easier to hang on to your hair than replace it once it's gone, and the hair regeneration treatment is a chance for men to discreetly save the hair that is still there. Women can also be affected by hair loss, though it is more common in those older than 40, who have gone through chemotherapy, take medication, are post-partum, or menopausal. Whilst the signs can begin to show much later than with men, the difference is that for women, the impact can be quite significant very quickly. Leading Ouronyx doctor, Dr Halah Taha explained “The most important type of hair loss is one that very commonly women suffer from and is very hard to treat, called Endrogenic Alopecia. Our Hair Regeneration Treatment can help against this.”

Ouronyx carries out a trichoscopy exam to understand where the patient is in terms of alopecia - and again later post the hair regeneration treatment, to track progress. Dr Halah says, “To maintain the hairs’ health you must check for any vitamin deficiencies or hormone imbalances every once in a while and minimise using heat. The results of this scan will show us any problems in the hair and what treatment can support.”

The pain-free treatment needs minimal downtime and is recommended with a therapy program to monitor results and provide continuous medical support. Optimum results are visible after the first session within three months and can last up to 18 months, with the option of redoing the treatment for sustained results.

The hair regeneration treatment is available at Ouronyx, a space reimagining the medical beauty space with an exclusive range of non-invasive treatments supported by the world's most prestigious team of doctors. With sleek and luxurious surroundings where science and art converge, the clinic creates an elevated patient experience with a truly bespoke, holistic approach.

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