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Craftsmanship meets lightness
Photo: Courtesy of Fendi

Ever since 1925, fearless experimentation has driven FENDI’s creations, combining the technical know-how of the Maison’s in-house fur atelier with extraordinary materials and incomparable creativity. FENDI’s fur workmanship techniques are renowned worldwide and are the result of almost 90 years of research and innovation, always looking at the future while keeping an eye to tradition. Among them, the Featherlike represents one of the Maison’s iconic fur lines and is emblematic of FENDI’s savoir-faire and persistent will to break boundaries.

The Featherlike fur creations are acclaimed for their extreme lightness, obtained through an artisanal signature workmanship, known as fur stripes or Featherlike, which makes FENDI’s fur the most light, versatile and modern in the world. Featherlike pieces, in fact, were initially created for warmer countries and are considered furs that you can wear all year long. Combining creativity with excellent crafting techniques, FENDI is able to achieve this incredibly light effect thanks to knowledge of its expert fur artisans, as showcased in the Maison’s ready-to-wear and Couture collections.

The fur, of one or more colours, is cut into thin strips. Then, the strips are sewn on a lightweight base of silk, to create a diagonal, horizontal striped motif or more elaborate patterns, such as the signature Chevron, a strong theme representing the Maison’s dualism which appeared for the first time back in the FENDI Fall/Winter 1966 Collection by Karl Lagerfeld. The stripes are then alternated, generally in different colours to create a bicolour effect. The result are incredibly light, refined garments which are luxuriously free from heavy linings – with long fur coats weighing like a Cashmere sweater.

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Photos: Courtesy of Fendi
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Photos: Courtesy of Fendi
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Photos: Courtesy of Fendi

The Featherlike creations, usually crafted in mink, are the ultimate expression of the Maison’s detailed expertise and mastery of materials. In fact, for the Women’s Autumn/Winter 2023 Collection the Featherlike craftsmanship appears for the first time with the use of precious sable fur, used to reproduce the horizontal striped pattern, and combined with the mink fur to create the classic bicolour Chevron motif. From bomber jackets to coats, as well as go-to jackets and trenches, the Featherlike craftmanship flawlessly applies to different styles – available both in classic and more seasonal colour combinations – which are immediately pervaded by the sophisticated and breezy allure of this unique workmanship.

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FENDI Featherlike Fur