FILA - Archival Imagery Campaign in Honor of their 100 th Anniversary

Over the last century, FILA has been there for iconic moments, accompanying extraordinary individuals in pursuit of sport – those who courageously challenge limits and defy expectations through a seamless combination of power and grace.
Courtesy of FILA

From its humble textile beginnings in Biella, Italy in 1911 to its historic introduction of color on the tennis court in 1973, the brand has always taken pride in creating designs as bold and breathtaking as its wearers.

Acquired by Korean entrepreneur Mr. Gene Yoon in 2007, the Italian brand soon became available all over the continents, through a license-based strategy, while maintaining a single background identity that he refers to as "One world, One FILA". Heritage, innovation, design of the original brand: this exceptional mix provides the FILA brand with an amazing allure in many countries, being powerful, comfortable and very stylish at the same time. Since its earliest days as a sport brand, FILA has combined performance and fashion.

As the brand approached its 100th anniversary, in 2010 Gene Yoon decided to set up the Fondazione FILA Museum, headquartered in Biella, Italy, the place where everything started. The Fondazione collects historic FILA products, images, videos, marketing materials and as of this printing. Approximately five hundred thousand items in its collection.

Today, FILA is opening up their archives showcasing the brand’s legacy in sportswear and celebrating its connection with youth culture. The campaign dives into the Italian sportswear brand's archive with an array of FILA adverts, one-off pieces and close-up product details. Showcasing its nostalgic connection to youth culture through vintage imagery, the brand shows one-off exclusive garments and archival looks worn by world-renowned athletes. Close-up details portray the evolution of the FILA logo throughout the years as well as the different types of products it was used for including sportswear, basketballs, golf balls and more.

“I still remember the excitement when we met for the first time, back in the Eighties. This sports brand was officially founded only a few years before, but its origin dated back to an ancient past, full of history, tradition, and a valuable background. To me, it represented the true Italian style, originating from the culture that gave birth to Renaissance, and this is what gives to “Made in Italy” its unique and unparalleled charm. I immediately understood FILA’s great potential.” - Mr. Gene Yoon, Chairman of FILA

Courtesy of FILA