Fashion Weeks


To narrate the Fall Winter 2024/25 collection, Fiorucci has resurrected a long-lost narrative language: the photo-romance / foto-romanzo.
Light blue denim shirt with metal bubble studs, Button down cotton shirt with lollipop-shaped buttons, Light blue denim jeans with metal bubble studs, Printed black Leather Western boots. | Photo: Courtesy of Fiorucci

Originating in Italy from the pens of esteemed directors such as Cesare Zavattini and Damiano Damiani shortly after the end of World War II, the photo-romance became extraordinarily popular in the 1960s and 1970s through publications like Bolero or Lancio Story, which sold millions of copies. They were small, grand love stories, romantic novels in photographic format, captivating broad segments of the Italian population and soon becoming famous worldwide for their ability to condense emotions and fun into just a few frames. Simple narratives, surprising connections, and expressive protagonists were the recipe for success. Fiorucci has placed a camera in front of a reconstructed tram stop, complete with a bench. In the story, there's a triggering element: an eccentric lady distributing brightly colored candies with the magical property of inspiring love. The sequence of events leads to surprises, new bonds, unexpected discoveries, and, as in any respectable story, a happy ending.

It also serves as a clear reference to the filmography of Andy Warhol, who, with experimental films like "Couch" from 1964, simply allows life to unfold in front of the camera without any intervention. Warhol's language, always closely aligned with that of Fiorucci, brings contemporary relevance to the project and lends it the validity and depth of art.

Rounded wool blazer in red with puffy piping details, Red formal wool shorts with suspenders and embroidery, Red Fisherman Boots | Photo: Courtesy of Fiorucci

Immersed in a pop imaginary, the Fiorucci collection embraces a "sugar coating" aesthetic that pervades every element, from clothing to accessories. This series of creations plays on multiple levels of interpretation, introducing a duality that transforms the evening into a moment of personal revelation and rule rewriting. Through Fiorucci's distinctive utopia, classic wardrobe staples are skillfully reinterpreted, establishing a dialogue between tradition and avant-garde vision.

"Matal bubbles", versatile and cross-sectional details, enrich both men's and women's clothing, spanning across various fabric categories such as denim and lycra. These elements renew the identity of the materials: denim becomes an essential for daytime, while lycra is transformed, adapting to the elegance of the nighttime.

The embroidery, refined and complex, embellishes formal wear and organza dresses, elevating the style level with their presence. Lingerie, reinterpreted with a playful touch, integrates into the outfit to layer the concept of clothing. The classic sweatshirt, reinvented, becomes a bold statement piece when paired with garters, opening up new expressive perspectives. Accessories become the spokesperson for the "sugar coating" through symbols, colors, and volumes that tell stories of boldness and imagination. Earrings shaped like lipsticks or lollipops, the latter embellished with rhinestones, underscore the boundless creativity of the collection. The knitwear, with its precious and natural yarns, surprises with unexpected volumes or unconventional material combinations, redefining aesthetic balances.

The "Mella bag" is renewed with new dimensions and materials for this season, including a version entirely covered in rhinestones, ready to become a distinctive element. Francesca Murri's utopia manifests in the "puffy piping" concept, which starts from the innovations of "fluff flops" and extends to knitwear, coats, and jumpsuits, outlining a cohesive and updated vision. Shirting takes on a central role, transforming the classic button-down shirt into a remarkable piece, where lollipop-shaped buttons celebrate the creativity and unique identity of the maison. Completing the picture, the concept of prints adds an additional layer of inventiveness: summer ice pops transform into elements of a contrasting winter, while the oblique lines of lollipops and ice creams become distinctive motifs in prints and jacquards. This practice of reinterpreting prints and archival artwork in a contemporary key infuses the collection with freshness that reconnects to the past while projecting towards the future.

White cotton shirt dress with metal bubble studs, Light blue denim shorts with metal bubble studs, Black Fisherman Boots. | Photo: Courtesy of Fiorucci
White Suspender Belt Tee, White Double Layer pleated Skirt, Red Fisherman Boots, Mini Mella Suede Covered in Crystal stones. | Photo: Courtesy of Fiorucci
Black Lurex Jumper, Black Lurex Knit Pants, Black Fluff Flops in Faux Fur, Black Mella in Faux Fur | Photo: Courtesy of Fiorucci
Pink and Red Jumper with Candy waves, Pink and Red Knit Pants with Candy waves, Pink Pumps with metal spurs, Baby Pink Scarf with a Mushroom Patch. | Photo: Courtesy of Fiorucci