Fuel Your Adrenaline with the Akillis Bang Bang Collection

With Bang Bang, AKILLIS presented a jewellery explosion. This collection, charged with forbidden munitions, blasts off with a rock’n’roll charm and a shocking, irreverent, and audacious chic.
Photo: Courtesy of Akillis

Bracelets grace the wrist and choker highlight the neck of the wearer with a weapon as alluring as it is dissuasive. The 9mm bullet - a calling-card for adrenaline addicts - is available in a range of many options.

Originally a stylish and casual titanium mounted on a cord, Bang Bang bracelets are now available in flexible bracelets and choket made of pink gold, or white gold, and are optionally set with black or white diamonds.

This unisex collection is for modern-day adventurers who want to super-charge the romantic playbook with new thrills.

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Necklace pink gold diamond 0.04 cts, 7.53 g | Courtesy of Akillis
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Bracelet white gold diamond 0.04 cts, 4.57 g |
3 / 5
Bracelet white gold diamonds 1.15 cts, 8 g | Courtesy of Akillis
4 / 5
Bracelet white gold, 9.76 g | Courtesy of Akillis
5 / 5
Bracelet white gold black diamonds 1.15 cts, 8 g | Courtesy of Akillis