GIABORGHINI unveils its highly anticipated Resort 2024 Collection, a testament to the creative vision of Founder, Barbara Borghini.
Photos: Courtesy of GIABORGHINI

The collection marks a seamless fusion of chic comfort and bold aesthetics, capturing the essence of everyday shoes that take you from day to night. At the core of this collection lies the symbolic bow, a cherished emblem radiating a young, modern femininity. This distinctive feature strikes a harmonious chord, maintaining a delicate equilibrium between essential elegance and contemporary cool. The bow takes center stage, engaging in a perpetual dance with the brand's rock-inspired DNA, embodying a fusion of romance and edginess within the new collection.

Founder, Barbara Borghini says: "In the unveiling of Resort 24, my vision is a seamless fusion of chic comfort and bold aesthetics, epitomized by the allure of everyday shoes with heels that promise day-long ease. Picture bows stealing the spotlight alongside the unapologetic charisma of statement boots – a fresh take on our brand's inception. Beyond the comfort-centric ethos, the collection pays homage to the young and daring woman who embraces the playful vibe of 'Ninette e Annette.' This is a collection for the woman who thrives on playing, a modern, feminine force effortlessly navigating style while staying comfortably fabulous."

Photos: Courtesy of GIABORGHINI