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Tides of Time: Skye Aurelia

Skye Aurelia is a globally recognized supermodel, singer-songwriter, actress, author, humanitarian, and entrepreneur. Skye is the first in the world to blend movies, music, music videos, technology, fashion, and literature into a single, cohesive storyline with her groundbreaking "Light Series."

In this edition, L’Officiel United Kingdom delves into the captivating world of Skye Aurelia, an icon synonymous with versatility in the realms of fashion, music, film, and philanthropy bridges the gap between Digital Art and Fashion.

Skye Aurelia, a supermodel, singer-songwriter, producer, businesswoman, and humanitarian has carved an authentic path in the global entertainment, art, and fashion scenes reaching millions of fans and supporters worldwide. Her pioneering "Light Series" stands as a testament to her innovative spirit, weaving together cinema, music, art, fashion, and literature into a singular artistic narrative. Her journey, marked by transformative experiences from humble beginning to international acclaim, reflects not just resilience but a relentless pursuit of creative expression and social impact. Her presence in the fashion world is substantial, having been featured and on the covers of major magazines such as Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Glamour, Vanity Fair, and Marie Claire, working with high end brands such as Balmain, YSL, Dior, and Alexander McQueen and production studios such as Netflix, Warner Brothers, Sony, Universal, Paramount Plus, and Amazon, all while maintaining a commitment to humanitarian causes and supporting the United Nations. Skye is founder and CEO of businesses Skye Entertainment, a groundbreaking production and entertainment company, Best Life Company, a product company dedicated towards sustainability and living your best life, and Skye Global, a large-scale nonprofit that focuses on 8 solutions towards world issues, where freedom, peace, equality, and prosperity are a universal reality.

Through the immersive experience of "Tides of Time" from Skye Aurelia’s Light series, observers are prompted to contemplate the duality of existence — the passionate intensity of creation intertwined with the serenity of introspection. Each art piece within this series encapsulates a fleeting moment suspended between historical roots and the promises of tomorrow represented through the element water. Water can be intense and passionate, calm and peaceful, much like the changing of time and navigating through the uncharted world of digital technology. Within this interplay of innovation and tradition, "Tides of Time" beckons us to traverse through those waters, offering a glimpse into a journey where digital art and human creativity harmonize, guiding the evolution of artistic expression into uncharted territories.

In this exclusive, we present a narrative of artistic fusion, where fashion, music, and personal experience intertwine inspiration and innovation. The accompanying visual piece is a testament to journey – In the realm where human creativity and technology converge, a new era of artistic innovation is unfolding. As we stand at the crossroads of tradition and technology, the union of human ingenuity and AI prowess is shaping a future where imagination knows no bounds. Skye’s work transcends limits, where human hands and digital brilliance combine to birth creations that are nothing short of extraordinary.

L’Officiel United Kingdom: Skye, “Light” is a truly ambitious project described as an immersive experience that invites viewers to explore different facets of human existence that combines various mediums like movies, music, fashion, and literature into one cohesive narrative experience. What initially inspired you to embark on this pioneering endeavor to enhance storytelling in the modern age and how do you envision audiences engaging with this narrative?

Skye: I love music, art, film, fashion, literature. I have always loved singing, dancing, art, acting, film, and creating has been a part of me since I was little. I knew I wanted to make an album, a book, artwork, a film, and a fashion line so that’s what I’m doing. Musically, it expands beyond genres, language, contains poetry and historical elements, the storyline for each song goes with my artwork that’s been released, Part 1 of the light series, Blank Canvas, Serendipity, The Quest, and Tides of Time. My film and book Light Travelers coincides with the music, art, and fashion. I hope that by making it immersive, it can enhance the senses with technology and you can fully delve into the world which will invoke greater feelings for anyone that experiences it. I am happy to model, to act, to sing, but to be able to create and combine performance with storyline, I hope that everyone will be able to take what they experiences from the Light Series and carry into their own lives, I hope it will make people want to create and innovate through their own art forms, that it will make you dream more, feel more, and become more from it.

L’O UK: The theme for the shoot as a creative director and producer was Tides of Time. Can you delve deeper into how it influenced your artistic direction for the shoot and how do you approach working with other artists to achieve your artistic goals like your previous projects, Blank Canvas, Serendipity, The Quest, and Light Travelers?”

Skye: "Tides of Time," from my light series artwork metaphorically captures the undulating nature of human emotions through the imagery of water. It was my job to conceptualize and envision art as creative director, producer, and talent. The goal was to orchestrate a unique synthesis of human imagination and technological potential. Guided by the vision of my company Skye Entertainment, this endeavor was to showcase the possibilities of human-AI interaction but also showcases how tradition and progress can coalesce seamlessly. The lens of Reinhardt Kenneth, an accomplished photographer, skillfully captures the essence of the artwork, translating its abstract essence into tangible visual narratives. The dynamic interplay between my creative insight and Kenneth's photographic acumen serves as the cornerstone of this project.

The AI-generated backgrounds are further progressed in photoshop by artist Nik Gunersen, who introduces an ethereal dimension that harmoniously complements the human-driven elements as well as the digitally-designed dresses fashioned by Yimeng Yu. These avant-garde garments, meticulously designed through code, challenge traditional notions of fashion and elegance. In addition to artistic convergence is the deft styling of Cannon, whose design expertise bridges the gap between the digital designs and the organic elements of the shoot.

The juxtaposition of my team's creative prowess with a digital canvas reflects the evolving dynamics between creators and technology, elevating the dialogue between technological innovation and human creativity. None of it would've been possible without such a supportive and innovative team willing to expand and explore with creativity.

L’O UK: As conversations around the influence of technology on artistic heritage continue, your artwork "Tides of Time" emerges as a poignant testament to the enrichment of both spheres. The project not only underscores technology's capacity to elevate art but also emphasizes its potential to preserve tradition. Can you explain the importance of digital artwork and AI enhancing traditional mediums and where you believe the future of art is headed?

Skye: In a world fueled by constant advancements, the joining of human insight and AI capabilities has emerged as a driving force behind some of the most remarkable artistic achievements. The symphony of human craftsmanship and AI precision is rewriting the rules of what is possible in the creative sphere, giving rise to a relationship that can not only uphold tradition but propel it into the uncharted territories of innovation.

From AI-generated paintings that evoke genuine emotional responses to fashion designs that push the boundaries of imagination, the creative potential is boundless when humans and AI pool their strengths. Designers, artists, and visionaries around the world are embracing this synergy, breathing life into concepts that were once deemed unattainable.

We are now able to transform an artist's vision into a digital masterpiece by AI algorithms, while the artist can apply the finishing touches that infuse it with their personal touch and unique interpretation. We can use AI-generated fashion designs that, when worn by human models, create a mesmerizing dance between technological innovation and human expression. These collaborations illustrate that the whole is indeed greater than the sum of its parts, showcasing how AI's computational power and human sensibilities can coalesce to elevate artistry to unprecedented heights.

The journey towards seamless collaboration between human and AI creativity is not without its complexities. Ethical considerations, the preservation of artistic identity, and the balance between control and spontaneity all come into play. Yet, as this fusion evolves, it is becoming increasingly evident that the synthesis of human intuition and AI's analytical prowess has the potential to reshape creative landscapes across disciplines.

As we forge ahead into this era of harmonious co-creation, it is clear that the possibilities are limitless. The canvas of art and creativity is expanding, painted with strokes of human passion and AI precision. This alliance, far from overshadowing tradition, nurtures it by offering fresh perspectives and unprecedented avenues for exploration. In a world where artistry and technology are no longer disparate realms but complementary forces, the question is not whether humans and AI can create something incredible together — it is how far their combined creativity can take us.

L’O UK: Skye Entertainment, Best Life Company, and Skye Global are a few of the business ventures you're involved in. Could you share more about your vision behind these initiatives and how they align with your mission to impact the world through innovation, creation, and compassion?

Skye: For each business I run, they have very different goals but each is towards a better world and helping people become their best selves.

Skye Entertainment is a production and entertainment company that delves into the history, the now, and the future of art, tech, fashion, film, music, and literature. We focus on deeply connecting to the human condition and authenticity, we surpass generations and partner with the highest quality companies that amplify emotion and expression. We meld genres, fields, cultures and entertainment experiences to create results that transcend and break limitations. With the Sci fi and fantasy Franchise LIGHT, we are pioneering a groundbreaking path to endless creative horizons.

Best Life Company is a wellness product company that focuses on quality and sustainability, and helps people to live their best lives. I believe that the world needs more solutions, not just another product, so I am donating a portion of each product’s sale to my charity. It is my hope that I can heal the ecosystem and not hinder it, so aside from the packaging being sustainable, for each product I sell, I am planting one tree.

Skye Global is my nonprofit, which has huge goals.

Our mission is to relentlessly pursue the creation of a global society where freedom, peace, equality, and prosperity are not mere ideals, but the universal reality. We are dedicated to improving the quality of life for everyone, leveraging the power of education, sustainability, and medical innovation, and tirelessly working to eradicate poverty. Our aim is to champion human rights and equality, cultivating an environment of peace and shared prosperity. We are committed to impacting the lives of 8 billion people for the better by 2035, underscoring our steadfast dedication to this transformative endeavor.

We focus on providing education, stopping climate change, ending poverty, fighting for equality, requiring human rights, creating peace, finding a cure, and making dreams happen.

We have daily achievable goals where each act, each donation can help build a school, give humanitarian aid, help restore the ecosystem, create jobs, provide research, health care, rescue missions, food, clean water, resources, and give dreams.

L’O UK: Your influence extends beyond traditional art, with millions of followers, features, and covers on prestigious magazines like Vogue, Elle, Glamour, Vanity Fair, and Harper's Bazaar, working with high end fashion houses, the United Nations, and your constant involvement with A-list entertainment. What do you believe sets artistry apart in an industry saturated with talent?

Skye: I think just the fact I am pretty genuine as a person. At least that’s what people in the industry tell me. I’m pretty chill but I also work hard at what I do. Just for shoots, I work from start to finish, pre production, production, and post production. I think of the ideas and how to bring the vision into reality. I am also talent, where I get my hair, makeup done, get dressed, and then have to perform well. I think a lot of people don’t really want to do all that work but I’m happy that I can continue to make unique artistic shoots with so many talented people on my team. I work with every kind of person and yes A listers but for me, people are people. The janitor deserves to have the door held open for them as much as the CEO, everyone on my team is important, and I try to make genuine connections with people whether they are a household name or not. I ultimately think my motivations are different than most. When I do a photoshoot it's for the art, when I make music it's for the art, it's to make something that has never been done before. Everything I do, it's not because I want to appeal to a brand, or make lots of money, or be famous, it’s because I am a dreamer, I go forward with entrepreneurial and human spirit. For me, it's important to continually evolve, adapt for the better. Big names are great to work with because it can be a way to make big changes, but I also believe that with even the smallest companies or working with everyday people, together we can change the world.

L’O UK: You've been described as having a humble, down-to-earth personality despite your immense success. How do you stay grounded amidst the whirlwind of fame and recognition, can you share some of the guiding principles or mantras that you live by, and how they influence your approach to creativity and life in general? How have these experiences shaped your perspective on equality, human rights, and the importance of giving back?

Skye: I think a lot of people have trouble identifying what I do because I’m not a traditional model, actress, or business woman. For me, I think it’s important to follow what lights you up, what kindles a fire inside you. If there is a better world you can see when you close your eyes, open them and make it a reality. For me, I see a world where I can create something that moves another, where I can help someone that’s struggling to get by, where I can make the world a more peaceful place to live for even one person, that for me, is worth going forward. I am a very normal person, where I want to play video games and watch anime and sing in the shower, and dance to my favorite songs when it comes on the radio, but I am also someone that, has felt like an alien, that never fit in anywhere fully, I was bullied for being different, I have been hated on, people try to put me down because of my philosophies, my desire to create and be something more than the life I was given. I have never discriminated or felt someone was less than me because I was always a weirdo so how could I ever think anyone else being different was a bad thing. This industry, I feel I am closer to that and I can find people that align with me on those ideologies. I think that as long as you are kind, you give love, as long as you are yourself, the right people will come along, through lessons and experiences, you will find the path you are meant for. I feel like I can deal with anything, I can overcome anything I experience because I pursue a future where we all can have equality, where we all can be accepted, loved, and be free to accomplish our dreams out loud. I hope that through my life and actions other people will feel the same.

L’O UK: Your journey from experiencing homelessness, poverty, loss, and bullying to becoming a celebrated international artist and philanthropist is truly inspiring and your life has been motivational to millions. Can you share a memorable or defining moment in your career that solidified your belief in the power of art to effect change or inspire others and looking towards the future, what legacy do you hope to leave behind through your work, both as an artist and as a humanitarian?

Skye: Honestly I am glad the things I say can make an impact. While I’m not glad to have gone through hardships, I am glad I can relate to other people that have gone through difficulties, I am glad I was able to overcome it in spite of it and that my life can live as inspiration to someone struggling that wants to overcome their own circumstances. If everything I did was only for me, I'd just sing and dance and draw pictures all day. This career, I followed this path so I can make an impact. I never overly liked my pictures taken, just making goofy ones with people close to me, I never liked getting a lot of attention except for the people closest to me, I never thought I want to be famous or be super rich but that, if I had a voice, if I was in a position to make change, I would. When I started, I felt like I didn’t want to just do normal modeling, or just partner with global brands, because for me, the reason I do this, It's my goal to heal hearts, to innovate. My dream is creating my light series, my fantasy world hoping to inspire, I want to build my nonprofit and products that help people change their lives, and one day I want to make a city towards goals of peace, and I want to make everyone have a base income where no one struggles to survive. It costs trillions of dollars but that's my goal. Those are crazy goals right but it's my dream. I think anything is possible. I wasted years of my life to regret, to not trying for what really mattered. I still fail and get told no all the time. I have set backs, I’ve had myself and others hate and sabotage my career. But I keep going. Because of the meaning and my dream behind it. And so, I hope by me not giving up you guys won't either. And even if the world seems hopeless, is it not? There's always something that can be done. I truly believe if you have a greater purpose, if you give love, if you act on your authentic gifts, then your life will be meaningful. I believe you will achieve anything you are willing to go for with your whole heart.


A Skye Entertainment Production @skyeentertainmentgroup

Talent & Creative Director: Skye Aurelia @Skye.aurelia 

Photography: Reinhardt Kenneth @Reinhardtkenneth

Producer: Ari Friedman @arimandias 

Co-Producer: Daphne Briggs @daphbee 

Project Manager: Kevin Skye @_kevinskye

Fashion Stylist: Cannon @thecannonmediagroup at 

HMUA: Jael Serrano @serranostudiosla

Star Tsai @startsai_makeup 

DP: Hugo Arvizu @Arvizu_arts

Digital Set Design: Nik Gundersen @nik_gundersen 

Digital Dress: Yimeng Yu @yimeng_yu

Retoucher: Mikhael Gan @mikhaelgan 

Lighting Director: Hugo Arvizu @Arvizu_arts

Fashion: Maggie Walsh @maggiecostume11 Gaffer: Suimay Lee @suimaylee

Digitech: Rania @nias_archive_

Photographer's Assistant: Lela Fen @lela.fen

Fashion Assistant: Winnie Paranoan @winnie_noan

Agent: Jennifer Cooper @jencooperphoto

PR: WaveMags Agency @wavemags