Henry Jacques Introduces Three New Fragrances to LES BRUMES Splash & Spray Collection

Discover a new olfactory experience with Henry Jacques. Introducing three captivating fragrances to the LES BRUMES Splash & Spray Collection.

Correspondance is a love letter to the spirit of travel within the Orient, a place where romanticism is conjured with precious flowers and woods. It is crafted from components of tremendous value: Rose Damascenia and Oud invoke the Orient’s greatest elegance, whilst Iris bestows a traditional European touch. Intensity is contrasted with scents of the simplest beauty, with touches of Apricots and Rose de Mai placing a distant Provence in perspective, before Vanilla joins the Oud within the trail.

Chalain captivates with a fusion of crisp florals, aromatic accords, spices, and fashionable Iris – with a trail of Musk and Vanilla. Smoky undertones nod towards the Orient, yet at the same time, the scent is very “Parisienne”. It is feminine but refuses to be stereotyped and can be enjoyed by all. It is perfume that could be traditional and filled with history, but its layers make it extremely current and fresh in its approach.

Xantor is modern and masculine, a youthful scent with a hint of freshness balanced perfectly by deep, smoky Amber and Vanilla. Sicilian Lemon and Bergamot wrap around Cinnamon, Cedar Wood and Patchouli. With a spirit of adventure, Xantor is a complex and unique fragrance which transforms through the different seasons, making it easy to wear throughout the whole year.

Previously available only in the more traditional form of Essences, Correspondance, Chalain and Xantor now take on a fresh dynamic thanks to the new Les Brumes variation -  feeling brighter and more airy, while still possessing the strong heart that makes every Henry Jacques creation so distinctive.


splash… A wave of the hand brings the perfume into direct contact with your skin.

spray… A gentle press of the thumb releases a delicate mist that settles on your clothes or hair.



The fragrances are available at the Henry Jacques boutique in The Dubai Mall Fashion Avenue extension, telephone: +971 4 3317533.