Herrera Beauty Reveals New Good Girl Liquid Blush: New Shades, New Packaging, Renewed Glamour

Herrera Beauty’s Good Girl Liquid Blush is back and better than ever!
Photos: Courtesy of Carolina Herrera

A firm fan favorite thanks to its increase of skin hydration properties, this lightweight formula can be applied on the cheeks and on the lips, making it as versatile as it is performant. Enriched with Herrera’s hydrating Good Girl Complex and emollients for up to 12 hours of skin comfort, this innovative blusher builds and blends seamlessly for a healthy radiant glow that lasts for up to 12 hours with no signs of dryness, fading or color transfer.

As we usher in a new season, we’re unveiling not only four captivating new shades but also a fresh aesthetic. Our shade range expands for 2024 with the addition of four brand-new hues: Nude 1041, a delightful peachy blush; Rosewood 1042, a cozy neutral pink; Ginger 1081, a hint of apricot warmth; and Rusty Red 1016, a sophisticated brick shade.

Alongside these vibrant additions, our packaging undergoes a transformation as the flower embellished cap gracefully steps aside to make room for our signature gold medallion, echoing the elegance of our beloved Mini Tints, Fabulous Eyes mascaras, and Maxi Glaze lipsticks. These updates breathe new life into our collection while maintaining the timeless allure of our previous shades: Rose Jasmine 1070, Peach Begonia 1080, Plum Tulip 1092, and Rosewood Peonia 1012.

However, customization is still the name of the game and as ever, this re-edition can be accessorized with the full collection of charms and tassels. Thread it onto the gold Herrera bangle on its own or alongside other products, and there you have it! The perfect to-go beauty kit, or gift, whatever the occasion.

Photo: Courtesy of Carolina Herrera