Héloïse & Abélard: A Joyful Disorder

Héloïse & Abélard is the first up-cycled jewelry brand in France. It offers a new jewelry that is truly ethical because it is circular: up-cycled from old-fashioned jewelry from great jewelers, of high quality, made locally in Paris, with a unique asymmetrical and timeless style, for all women looking for creative, sustainable and responsible jewelry.
Héloïse & Abélard must-have stacking mix rings recycled diamonds and 18 carat golds | Photo: Courtesy of Héloïse & Abélard

For Héloïse Schapiro, everything is about love. Her first name evokes that of the famous and historical lovers, Héloïse and Abélard. It is also the name of her jewelry brand created in 2019. Like them, she is passionate and determined in her approach which dates back to her childhood; her contact with the coquettish, feminine women who surrounded her. She discovered with her mom and grandmother the notion of circular jewelry which became her obsession. The concept of creating a piece around the idea that it is passed down from mother to daughter, that it is reborn over time to please the women who wear it, took shape in 2015.

From her own engagement ring set with diamonds from her mother's to birth jewels also made of diamonds, unset from on vintage pieces, Héloïse recycles in collaboration with a small Parisian studio. Her awareness of environmental, ethical and social issues and her training at great Parisian houses of the Place Vendôme, have taught her the excellence of French know-how. With her light and delicate pieces aimed at stylish women who are aware of their impact, she brings a breath of romantic freshness which is responsible, desirable and sustainable.

Héloïse Schapiro, Founder of Héloïse & Abélard Jewelry

With her Geometry and Asymmetry ethical compos in gold 18K and in recycled diamonds, Héloïse dynamite classic fine jewelry with her airy and delicate style, immediately recognizable. Her creative concept is “disorder”. Héloïse is using the famous French author Paul Claude quote which is easily her creative work: “Order is The reason pleasure, but disorder is The imagination delight.” She plays with diamonds, random and rhythmed arrangements. These designs make us believe that they are some lucky and happy hazard fruits in which diamonds have their world to say: cushion cut, pear, baguette, trapeze, they lead the dance!

Héloïse & Abélard must-have stacking mix rings recycled diamonds and 18 carat golds | Photo: Courtesy of Héloïse & Abélard

Recycling “for ever” diamonds, H & A designs jewelry as a relationship to time in which gold and diamonds are mixed and preserved, past, present and future, are mixed in a joyful disorder. With Héloïse & Abélard, the diamond holds his beauty but he is free of conventions. Dust is wiped. His poetry is given back.

“Our jewels borrow from the past their precious materials and their romantic souls with no nostalgia. We choose elegance without rigidity. We liberate myths and lovers, as ancient jewels we recycle history: Once upon a time Héloïse and Abélard holding hands, free and light…”, says the designer. | @heloiseetabelardjewelry


* This story by Tanja Beljanski first appeared in the November 2022 issue of L'Officiel Arabia.