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Hollywood Horizon: Lucas Castellani

Lucas Castellani is a Brazilian-American model, TV show host and he will soon be debuting as an actor in Hollywood. Lucas is also set to launch his supplement brand Relate (@Icanrelate) for people dealing with mental health issues.
Shirt: Dolce & Gabbana, Pants: Dior, Shoes: Dior.

L'Officiel UK: When and how did you decide to get into the modelling industry?

Lucas Castellani: It wasn’t really a decision I made, It all happened when I was around seventeen years old and got really popular on the social platform MySpace.  I would share my struggles with my mental health, bullying and being vulnerable with others who could relate, then agencies and bookers started to reach out to me with jobs.  I eventually moved to Europe so I could go to college while take my career more seriously.

Shirt: Dolce & Gabbana, Pants: Dior, Jewelry: Cartier.

L'O UK: Who has inspired you the most in your life?

LC: I don’t think I have a main person that inspires me, each stage of my life has been special and I was very lucky to always have great mentors for each one of those stages. I would say tho I strongly admire and inspire myself on basically any leaders who leads their world with kindness and empathy for others, Oprah, Barack Obama,  Nelson Mandela, Lady Gaga to name a few.

Full Look: Yves Saint Laurent, Jewelry: Cartier.

L'O UK: Tell us more about your talk show ? When can we expect the next season?

LC: Having a Talk Show on Fox was one the greatest opportunities I’ve ever had and it was so special to me considering it was focused on diversity in Hollywood and highlighting young talent in the industry, but it was equally a platform of empowerment for myself as a brown young immigrant artist trying to navigate this industry. Regardless a new season for the show, it was meant to be a special, and never an ongoing show. While there's room for another special we don't know when or if that will happen, but I know you will see me hosting in different spaces for sure.

Full Look: Schiaparelli, Earring: Cartier.

L'O UK: Have you ever been to the UK? If yes, how was your experience?

LC: I have, I learned how to speak English and went to college in London. I moved there when I was 18 and left when I was 21.  I can say I had the best 4 years of my life in the UK, and London will always have my heart, maybe someday I will move back.

Flower Jewelry: Schiaparelli, Sweater: Schiaparelli.

L'O UK: What's next for Lucas?

LC: The future is bright and I’m very excited for it. I will be shooting my first Hollywood movie around April/May this year, which will be directed by British movie director and producer Darren Strowger.  Acting has always being a passion of mine and I’m so excited to bring a character to life on the big screen, those are things that last forever and I’m putting all my blood, sweat and tears into delivering a good memorable performance.  I’m also very proud to be launching my brand Relate at the beginning of February, something I created from my own struggles with my mental health and what has helped me to heal. With my brand I can share with others my path and secrets to a happy, balanced life.  Relate is a premium brand focused on encouraging individual ownership of mental wellness and daily health offering a holistic approach through nutritional supplements based on the power of functional mushrooms and other super food ingredients.

The brand addresses the core of a balanced lifestyle and is designed to redefine daily mental wellness and overall daily health.

Lots of good things always prioritizing my mental health and overall well being and making sure my legacy is filled with kindness and care for others and always remembered this way.

Pants and Jacket: Givenchy, Shirt: Dsquared2.


Model: Lucas Castellani @castellani

Photographer: Tyler Patrick Kenny @TylerPatrickKenny

Hair: Jinju Bae @JinjuBaeHair

Styling: Luca Castellani (Himself)

Styling Assistant: Jonatas Jacques @JonatasJacque

Beauty: Jonatas Jacques @JonatasJacque