International Author, Motivational Speaker & Precision Shooting Champion Christina Bengtsson To Visit Dubai this December

Join us this December as Christina Bengtsson, the acclaimed author, motivational speaker, and precision shooting champion, visits Dubai.
Christina Bengtsson - Swedish Author and Motivational Speaker

Swedish author and motivational speaker Christina Bengtsson will be visiting Dubai this December to join a stellar line-up of international experts speaking at HSMAI’s ROC 2021.

An internationally acclaimed motivational speaker, military officer and precision shooting champion, her Ted Talk on the Art of Focus has been watched by one million people, thrusting Christina to the forefront of the topic globally since the publication of her book ’The Art of Focus – 10.9’.

Christina will be speaking as the Focus thought leader at the hospitality event, happening on December 6-7, bringing together a world-class line-up from entities including Dubai Tourism as well as leaders from hotel groups, media, high tech and more. She will be delivering a keynote on the topic of ‘Reclaiming Focus’ highlighting the fundamental values that underly a focused mindset, techniques that can be used to regain this innate skill and how organizations can help their people regain their focus.

Having grown up in the Swedish countryside, she has been a precision shooter since the age of 23 and combined her professional career as an athlete and military personnel, having served in both the Swedish Armed Forces and worked as the head of the International Military Sports Council in Brussels.

She has gone on to become a world-class markswoman with a long line of medals to her name including the individual gold medal in the 2005 Military World Championship in Switzerland and the team gold medal in the 2009 Military World Championship in Croatia.

"In the pursuit of success, Focus should be placed on who we are and what we have instead of chasing after what we are not and do not have," Bengtsson says. “I came from a world where Focus was elevated as a part of the work and was respected as a necessary ability, and I stepped into a world where short-term attitudes, quick-fixes, fragmentation, attention addiction and time poverty, were the norm. Focus, this vital skill, needs to be given more dedication, both within ourself and in all of society.”