#Interview with Fashion Designer Amit Aggarwal

Photos: Courtesy of Amit Aggarwal

A serious advocate of the concept of sustainable fashion wear, Amit’s ethos reflects in his creation. He uses the most stunning recycled material to create modern silhouettes that are adorned with traditional Indian craftsmanship. The combination of the ‘silhouette cut’, the pattern of the outfit flow, the strategic placement of the floral motifs and other elements, as well as the metallic fabric, makes the creation from this fashion label truly mind-blowing and timeless fashion.

Tell us about your new collection.

Flow, our latest collection is reminiscent of a gentle breeze with silhouettes that flow yet sculpt each nuance of the body. The collection focuses on lightweight couture pieces in a range of pastel and sky shades that spark hope and joy.

Starting from gentle ivory, pebble pink, salmon, beryl/cloud blue, lilac, and mint progressing into deeper tones of storm grey, moss and jade/emerald, and a mélange of all the colour together.

With interesting techniques used to simulate sand dunes and airwaves, the collection focuses on pleating and weaving our unique signature material and embossing wave patterns on chiffon and liquid mesh.

The collection features 16 exquisite pieces including gowns, draped sarees, and lehengas, and 14 menswear pieces that vary from flowy to structures in signature brand shades of ivory, storm grey, plum, and charcoal.

What is the creative inspiration and signature theme behind your brand?

This collection is my ode to trusting the process and starting exactly at the point you are at now and learning to embrace the unique experiences on the journey.

And much like air, an element of nature, we explore very often at Amit Aggarwal, that feels like nothing yet impacts every element it touches and shapeshifts to journey on, this flow of creative energy and the freedom to express was the breath of fresh air that culminated into this very personal collection that turned my nothingness into everything. ‘Flow’ cascades straight from my spirit to yours.

What are your plans for Dubai?

Dubai has a special place in our hearts and we are extremely grateful for the love the city and its people have always shown us. We feel deeply connected to our patrons here and are planning to consistently bring our latest collections to them consistently through our multi-designer store partner Vesimi, and we hope to meet with our brand champions in Dubai one-on-one very soon.

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Photos: Courtesy of Amit Aggarwal