Introducing The Balenciaga Ghost Bag

Dive into the world of fashion with the introduction of The Balenciaga Ghost Bag, a cutting-edge accessory that merges style and innovation.
Courtesy of Balenciaga

An embossed logo is barely detectable on the bag’s front, and another is hidden, on an invisible clasp beneath a flap with a slightly curved edge.

The Ghost Bag’s strap is punctured with holes, as it references and functions like a classic adjustable belt. Its slack is held in place by a single belt loop. A uniquely designed metal buckle and metal-edged tip correspond to individual colors and materials.

The first offerings from the line come in an array of styles, shapes, and sizes, and in shiny leather, either embossed with a crocodile or lizard skin texture, or smooth. Colors are neutral and classic: black, camel, white, bright red, and gold.

Some are marked with white graffiti that spells out “BALENCIAGA,” as if on a blank wall, which only further emphasizes the anonymity of the Ghost Bag’s design.

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Courtesy of Balenciaga
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Courtesy of Balenciaga